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Friday 28 June 2002

Not my morning [Lurks]

Ever have one of those mornings? I got one of those absolutely wicked external Maxtor firewire drives, the 160GB version of course. This is going to enable me to shovel two drives onto it and nuke them, especially since one is a fairly noisy one in my lounge MP3/Net server called Wench. Ace, so last night I'm shovelling stuff onto it. Loads of stuff, and doing an FTP leech overnight and a DivX rip overnight to it as well. I go to bed comforted by the joys of mass storage.

In the morning, my missus wakes me up looking worried. I put this down to the fact she has a job interview this morning. She says, 'I've got something to tell you'. This is the sort of thing that gives any man the shivvers and, dear reader, it's really not the sort of thing you want to wake up to. 'Wench has a bunch of error messages on it', says she. 'I was thinking it might have something to do with that new thing you plugged into the socket because I unplugged it for my hairdryer'.

Argh! Nuked my DivX rip of course and stalled the FTP leech but not such a major deal really, I formatted it with NTFS and it just rolled back a ways. Then, later on, I plug in my MP3 player to Wench (which has handy front mounted USB sockets being one of those dinky Shuttle SV24 jobbies) and click on my MP3 shovelling script. This wipes the MP3 player and copies random stuff from the MP3 collection onto the player (a Nex II BTW). I go off to get my morning vegemite toast and coffee.

All that would have been fine except for one thing. The new external drive decided to hijack the drive letter of the MP3 player. So my fucking cuntox script sat there for 10 shitstabbing minutes merrily mincing everything which I had spent the evening before and overnight shovelling onto it. Oh for fuck sake! I think I'm going to steer clear of any other technology today, clearly it's all conspiring against me.

On the plus side, Floyd's over from the Isle of Man and we're off to see Roger Waters at Wembley tonight. Woot! I err, forgot about the spare ticket I have as well didn't I. Anyone want to go?


  1. Technology is fun innit. All my drives are - ahhhh well look here's the deal with my drives; For months now a 10gig monster (oooh raaaar and raaaar again) in my p3-450 gateway has been making rotating crackling noises like a bunch of switching sticks being swirled rapidly into the back of the legs of so many students. To aid matters, my main machine Guiness and consequently all my family photos, 80 mp3 albums and all my Cubase product sit on a pair of the infamous IBM 75gxp's (30 gigs apiece). They've functioned without a gripe or a groan for a year and a half but I have no idea whether they are truly fine and prospering under a 450w psu (some suggestions that gxps might have been flaky but particularly flaky if having inadequate power supply) or whether in fact this is just one long protracted sucker punch and shortly they'll both spin off their axis at 7200rpm, rip 2 thin holes through the side of my Lan-Li and wipe out my outboard 19inch music rackmount gear with a metallic hari-kiri scream of 'F.UUUuuuuu....'.

    Technology's a bitch. And then you upgrade it.....

  2. Am, I have a 450W PSU and both of my GXP75s failed too. Took awhile but fail they did. Those are bad uns, sort a backup mate.

  3. Erk. Well anyone care to recommend me a couple of decent non fux0id back up drives - two 30's again I think and a price? IIRC I may be able to fix these internally in Guiness and have 4 hard drives. Gah. Suppose the alternative is a permanent backup via firewire (no card currently) or external drive and swap the drives when they die. Don't want to spend zillions on a simple thing like this though. Argh. IBM must die.

  4. Am: grab a Maxtor or two from dabs... don't have prices to hand, but solid as a rock and reasonably cheap... I've got and 80GB and a 30GB, the 30GB has been running for a year and a half with no problems so far...

  5. 270 quid for the 160gig external nothankee sir. Looking at the 60gig external for portability and just straight dumpage. Anyone recommend me a decent firewire card? Ta.

  6. Not the cheap �15 card from Dabs - it has some fucked up buffering which makes it die with XPlay/Windows low-level stuff. May well be the same with anything else that goes through the ph34rwire port.

  7. OK nixxed the idea of the external - gone for the El L33tor 7200rpm 8.5ms seek 2 platter 740 Maxtor with a leeeeetle 80gigs on it as an in-puter total backup to my 2x75gxps. This makes 140 gigs of storage on Guiness heheh :) . Thanks for the help lads.

    Note to the outside world; you have been watching real-time EED inter-clan support bought to you via the medium of the World Wide Interweb by clan EED's proprietory ubertechnology Rebot & SMSBlog. No other clan has this. Ph34r....

  8. Any chance you get on the private P2P network then and share all that capacity bitchface?

  9. Sometimes I think that if I'm so fucking leet, there must be people out there with one hell of a leetness vacuum. Then I ignore them, and get back to my pint.

  10. I removed Spiny's lame-o-rama comments :)