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Friday 28 June 2002

Grow up, Scotland [Lurks]

Was just down the pub watching the footy and there was a table of Scots who were actively booing England much to the abject annoyance of the pub. Prior to this point, I wrote off the article I saw yesterday in the Evening Standard but on this evidence I have to say I agree and I'm going to post it in full.

If there's one thing I find it hard to forgive Tony for, it's the fact he's Scottish - along with what seems like half the Cabinet. I know quite a few Scots in London and they are charming, witty and intelligent people. But the hayseeds back in North Britain are really getting on my nerves lately.The fact that so many of them refuse to support the England team would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. The news that one of their bishops was actually praying for England to lose against Nigeria seems to suggest a nation that, despite devolution, hasn't quite grown up.I know most Scots will see that as a profoundly patronising thing for an Englishman to say, but the fact is no one reaches full maturity as an individual or a nation until they can some imagining themselves as a victim. And the idea that the Scottish are still victims of the wicked English now that they've got their own parliament, massive subsidies from England, and a government which largely comprises their countrymen is crazy.All right, they was a distant time when they suffered under the English boot - but then, the Romans invaded Britain, and I don't pray for the Italians to lose (although I wasn't that upset when they did).Sure, Scotland has got lousy food, sectarian hatred, terrible weather, and a superabundance of drunken people with red hair. So Alexander Graham Bell didn't invent the telephone after all. None of this would stop me supporting them if they made the World Cup. God, I'd even support the Welsh.Of course it would be nice to have the chance to cheer them on in the first place. But then not even devolved parliaments can legislate for a decent football team.

Tim Lott - Evening Standard Thursday, 20th June 2002.


  1. Stuff like this doesn't help does it, not even remotely funny

  2. apart from all that they are not even the best at sectarian hatred and drunken people, we are far better at that then they are :)

  3. Only the Irish would see that as something to be proud of - 'We're better than the Scots at being miserable bigoted fuckers.' :)