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Wednesday 26 June 2002

Edexcel in 'yet more lameness' shocker [Muz]

Some of you may remember the nationwide bleeting from thickies of all ilks back in January regarding the lack of skillz shown by exam board Edexcel. Missing exam scripts, errors on question papers, student teachers being used as markers - all these things were blamed for the failure of said thickies to achieve a reasonable grade. Now today I went into school to sit two exams. (Contrary to popular belief, student scum are actually expected to prove they've absorbed some knowledge while pissing about.) Anyway, having two exams scheduled for the afternoon, I had to take one in the morning and be locked away in seclusion lest I scheme with my friends to let them cheat. As if I'd ever do such a thing. *cough* While I was sitting the morning paper, I heard people taking another exam, a Biology extension paper, being given instructions to check the number of sheets in their exam paper. This caused much head scratching, but I dismissed it in the face of having to work out the general solution of a second order differential equation.

It wasn't until the afternoon that I discovered the reason for this little countercheck. My afternoon exam was the History extension paper. When I sat down at my desk, I noticed to my surprise that instead of the neatly printed question booklet I had expected, on my desk was a sheaf of A4 paper stapled in one corner, apparently printed out from a piss poor fax machine.

It turns out that Edexcel, in their infinite wisdom, 'forgot' to send my school the extension papers we needed for today. So, they had to be faxed over and photocopied in school. The timestamp on my paper said 12:45 - the exam started at 13:30. The sheer efficiency of Edexcel boggles the mind - the BBC could learn a thing or two from them, I tell you. Here endeth the bleet.

1 comment:

  1. Kids these days, at least your's was on paper, I had to carve my answers onto a piece of slate :-)