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Friday 14 June 2002

TV: tedious rehashed shit (Big Brother) [Brit]

It appears this series of Channel 4's tedious voyeuristic wank ('Big Brother') is falling apart at the seams. This morning, one of the contestants *escaped* the house because of the inane boredom that the last few weeks have seen him endure. He (Sandy - ex army and now a woman's personal shopper, go figure) escaped by climbing up a wall, demonstrating quite admirably the absolute ineptitude of the architects when it comes to building complex structures like WALLS


  1. Fortunately the only thing we have to do to escape the inane boredom of Big Brother is to change channels. In fact, I've watched this one hardly at all. The 'contestants' are all speechlessly boring or just moderately annoying. Nothing either way which makes for any real interaction. I think CH4 fucked this up with their choice of inhabitants, their psychological profile requirements seriously lacking.

  2. Well.. Lee got voted out tonight.. boring cunt. But, semi-exciting news is the moody scotish twat is getting a replacement.. and apparantly he's posh.. two important points there a) HE indicates its going to be a bloke.. so the all lesbian action is one step further away :/ b) he's posh.. so chances are we'll hate him