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Friday 28 June 2002

An excess of spare time... [Muz]

Having just completed my exams, I find myself confused - I now have no idea what to do with all this spare time that has suddenly appeared before me...

So I put to you the question, clanmates, what am I to do? I intend to work a fuckload of overtime, and reacquaint myself with the pastime known as 'gaming'. Other than the obvious Neverwinter Nights, which has been heralded by one and all as the Best Game Evar, what else can you recommend?


  1. you could use the deluge of free time to... GETSOMESKILLZ!

  2. I think its fair to say that since the rest of EED are all gainfully employed in positions of power, we don't care? Well apart from Beej of course, he works for some tawdry Eastern European broadcasting service.

  3. Brit has a point :). But on a serious note theres always FFX for the ps2. That'll waste a good 70+ hours for you. Also out on friday is freedom force. The 70's comic superhero strategy game. KERPOW!

  4. Slim does beards, I do fast cars :)

  5. But not, alas, fast Internet connections eh? :)

  6. Spiny also does misblogs ;) . Muz I recommend drinking heavily and working on the marginal improvements you can make to your Puff Daddy / P Diddy impression (top left). Spanko.

  7. I fucking hate students in the summer. Nothing personal Muz, I just think they suck ass with their unwashed T-Shirts and Glastonbury fascination and smug laziness. Well actually, sod the summer bit, they just suck ass all the time. Go 'travelling' with other 'young people' and 'see the world'. And another thing! In my day, before the war...