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Friday 19 March 2004

The 19th of March [lurks]

And what is so special about the 19th of March? Something that I just noticed as I was compiling the release dates list for PC games in my magazine. On the 19th of March, the following PC games are out;
  • Raven Shield Athena Sword
  • Unreal Tournament 2004
  • Battlefield: Vietnam

For fuck sake! Why do they do this? Three of the big five multiplayer games of 2005 out on the same fucking day!


  1. I've got all three ordered and, if they should all arrive on the same day, I'll be playing BF:V without a doubt. The other 2 fall a fair distance behind that one game imho. I'll keep them both on my shelf until EED has a go with them, but BF:V is teh daddy!

  2. I'll bet there'll be slippage on ut2004. Hope so! BF:V, I've not pre-ordered, want to see some stuff about what it's going to give over DC. Road to Roam seems to be unplayed pretty much so I'm not that taken with 1942 expansions.

  3. Erm.. BF:V isn't an expansion muppet. Its a completely new engine and fundimental redesign of the core game.

  4. UT2K4 is unlikely to slip. Personally, I'm excited by all three games rather a lot. It's a complete stinker they're all out on one day, we've had a fucking multiplayer game drought and then this. Wankers.

  5. Have pre-ordered Athena Sword from Play, but unlikely to get UT2K4. Waiting out on BF:V. Hopefully there will be a demo that compares to the 1942 Wake demo...

  6. will RS have wank to play online? Is so they can stick it :)
    Other two should be good tho! I'll be in Ireland watching Ireland and Italy, so you can all steal a march on me and get some preaccy in before I 0wnerise you ;)

  7. Heh, well obviously it's flat out getting some people to play anything - but for those online gaming enthusiasts in the clan, they'll be buying all three.

  8. The only one that's really lighting my fire is UT2k4, to be honest. I realise that I'm almost certainly bound for a disappointment here - but if they can keep the quality and variety of the maps in Onslaught mode up, there's a lot of potential there.

  9., you just create a login and that's all, what's the problem? It's not broke like it used to be.

  10. We had an ace time playing UT2K4. Up until all the UT player wankers turned up translocating and combo spamming. Still... I pine for the UT web admin. Get in there, vape the translocator, turn weapon stay off. Put it on some interesting game mode and hopefully UT peons will foad and infest some other server and it's all good!
    Interesting you say that Slim but I got prompted to enter my key multiple times when I reinstalled RS the other day. Gave up and went to play DC...

  11. UT2k4 is going to be the best UT game so far. Theres no two ways about that. However.. I'm just a little cold on UT these days, it'll be fun for a few days definatly and, may, even justify the initial purchase. But I fully expect BF:V to provide the longitivity that UT2K4 will lack.

    And yes... death to UT fanboi weenies, they're just _dull_ to play against.

  12. Lot of maps. Just for the onslaught alone, I'm really looking forward to it. Seemed to play very nicely, quite fun. But we had no UT wankers at that stage. Still, if we can field 10 players for DC these days - 10 is plenty for a private game of UT2K4 no? (Beej and random other people who don't buy games wont show but Spiny and Mistral will be right in there)Bah, I must own shares in Amazon now.

  13. The choice of 19th March is probably to allow a good chunk of sales to appear in the end-of-year financials - there's always a rush to get games out before a particular quarter ends, whatever time of year.

  14. The result is that... the whole industry suffers. Genius.

  15. I've pre ordered Athena & will be pre ordering UT2K4, somehow it's seems to be more fun than ut2k3. BFVF I'll buy if it becomes a 'played by the clan game'.

  16. The latest BF:V video is lacklustre. If anything it suggests a lot of focus on FPS/squad action and less fun with vehicles. Unless its an utter turkey I suspect we'll end up migrating to it though. I'm just not clear on what the fuck it is I'm buying this game for... (DC 1.0 presumably)

  17. So I'm a dirty fucking leecher, I have played BF:V, albeit with bots, and this is what I think...
    It's not as good as DC. Now, it has improvements over the engine, it has slightly nicer graphics, it has some ace levels, it has brillo explosions and even the vehicles and shit look nice and all that. It's very dumbed down though. The heli drives pretty much like a tank, but in the air, a long way from DC's challenge. Vehicles aren't as abundant as in dc either, and they're all a bit small, nothing as chunky as the abrams or t72. I dunno really, it's ok like, but not really worth shelling out for a gain when you have DC.Actually, this review pretty much sums it up. It's a mod for bf1942, but it's not an authentic vietnam experience. It didn't make me feel like I was in platoon. It's pretty shit really.

  18. I'd agree with much of what Slim says, but I've shelled out anyhow. I wouldn't say it's necesarily worse than DC, just different. It's got a much more close up feel when you're on foot as you can use the (better modelled) terrain & shrubbery for cover. Yes, the choppers are easier to fly, but that's no bad thing for me...
    On the Irving map, I jumped into a chopped & sped across the bay, decided to attack the fixed gun emplacements on the ridge, as I near, a F4 Phantom zooms in from Starboard & lays the napalm down. At this point I let fly with a rocket & destroy the fixed gun, flying up & away through the still billowing cloud of napalm explosion. Beautiful.
    It looks like it will be v.popular with the gaming interweb prolitariat too.
    It makes a nice change from DC for me so on that basis I've pre ordered it. In between UT2k4 sessions, expect to see me decked up with bandana, boot polish & a 1000 yard stare...
    Oh yeah, have a look at this to get you in the mood.

  19. I'm still downbeat. The maps look great but any time playing them and you realise you'll be constantly killed by people you'll never see. Tanks get stopped by a blade of grass and there's a few in Vietnam... The choppers are a bit of an insult to those that put the effort into flying them in DC and they sound absolutely dreadful. There's also glaring weapon balance issues like the Yanks getting an M60 with their AV class and the NV get some peice of junk.
    There's nifty stuff in there but it's all small stuff. This isn't a new game and it really isn't a big advance on DC. There's things that might entice better play, like people being able to see and shoot out of troop transports but I'm still pretty convinced the invisible death from campers in the undergrowth will get old real fast.
    On the other hand, when I played UT2K4 it absolutely blew me away. I cancelled my Vietnam preorder. If people are playing it later on I might buy it but it looks and feels to me like the lame duck of the releases out this month.

  20. Oh my oh my, UT owns hard :) I was going to blog on user.ini editing but there's some good stuff here and more in google.
    More here ripped from a rage3d thread:
    General UT2004
    Weapons Faqs (exactly like the manual)
    Map List w/
    Thread with the Toilet Car
    Good Information updated
    How to unlock the hidden Characters:Best the Single Player campaign. Cheats will not work (yet)Serveral INI file changes have been mentioned, but none confirmed.
    Web copy of the INI
    UT2004 Servers Setup page (Unreal Admin)
    Howto setup a map cycle w/ multiple

  21. 'awaiting stock'. Sliiiiiiim why do I not listen to yoooouuuuuuu? I feel a cancellation and a trip to Game coming on...