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Saturday, 27 March 2004

UT2004 EED semi-Voltfest 0wnage! [beej]

This is how it's done, ladies

10 of us on AHM, I have teh proofs!

Eat lightning-railgun-death you slut!

Leviathan kicking the shit out of my node... time to ambush the scum from behind

If you've not seen an airstrike before, look up and look out when you hear the warning


  1. Bah, shame I had to disappear early. Got a good couple of games in though - I reckon this one might be a keeper!

  2. Definitely a keeper. Rabs and Skeeve turned up, FFS!
    Rocked hard. Like that first screenie Beej - though I think for the link to be most effective everyone has to aim at the bloke who's targeting the node? Some experimentation might be required on that at some point.

  3. I have a p4 2.7ish with 512MB ram and a 256MB GFX 5600....this game chugs man, time for an upgrade :( I start the game when everyone has already built a node!!

  4. That graphics card is holding you back. First thing you need to do is bump it to 16-bit and turn off trilinear filtering. That should double your frame rate but that's still a pretty stinky card.

  5. I fucking hate games, but I fucking love this one. Its all done so perfectly well... everything from the spawn times to the size of the maps to the amount of hits everything can take just feels right.
    It's a dream engine as well. Runs like greased Slim on pieday, even on my laptop which is a 1.7 Pentium M with ATI Radeon 9000. With full details!

  6. If it's slow getting you into the game on map change, then it's your hard disk that's poopered not your cpu and gfx. A splodge more ram wont harm either.

  7. This Looks like it's going to be good, to be released in April. The guy worked on 2k4...

  8. ffs Spiny, we've only had one weekend of UT04, we haven't touched BF:V or RS:AS yet! Would like one or two CTF maps on AHM though...

  9. I'm very much against mixing mod types.. I think that when your in a Onslaught mindset, having the map rotate onto DM, TDM, CTF map would anoy the hell out of me. I'm all for trying the different modes out, but I'd suggest swapping it over to [insert mod type here] for an evening and then just change the server as and when we want to. Thats the beauty of having our own server eh?

  10. Suit, I'm slightly less sceptical. To jump from ONS to DM, that's going to be arse as you suggest. But, mixing ONS and CTF, we're dealing with gametypes that have strategic similarities - neither are all out fragging, both need good teamplay + tactics - and if we don't mix up a bit then we're going to get bored of the ONS maps quicker than we should :-/


  11. I'm with Beej on this one. I think ONS and CTF are a comfortable switch pretty much. I'm much less fond of the idea of chucking in DM and TDM in the middle of them. However I could clearly do with some DM and TDM praccy to sharpen up my madskillz for games online. Oh and I still need that here's-where-the-redeemer-is guide around.

  12. As Am was asking and as I had some spare time I've knocked up a few maps for Onslaught showing the location of the Vehicles and Uberweapons. Its not complete yet, may get round to finishing them off tomorrow.
    If you know of any mistakes or anything I've missed then let me know.Ok, Think that's the lot. Primeval and Severance are updated to. Plus I found the redeemer on Dawn, not sure quite how I missed it in the first place. I haven't found any uberweaps on Red Planet or Primeval, If there are, and you know where, let me know.Found Target Painters on the Red Planet, maps updated.