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Friday 5 March 2004

Why the office is better than the home [lurks]

I did a stint of working from home, quite a lot of it. It was novel for a bit, then it got boring and then began to do my head in and I got fat. By contrast, now I'm working in an office and it's about the best environment I've ever worked in. What we need is a case in point and as they say laughter is the best therapy, let me tell you of events which had the office in stitches today. Names have been changed to protect... err... me.
Bloke that sits next to me, Brian, says to the four of us blokes that sit in one place;

'Here, listen up. I was in Jenny's car yesterday and she says to me she wants a new car. Why, says I, this one is perfectly good. It's the CD player, she says. It keeps playing songs at random. The random bit twigged me, so I lean over and press the 'shuffle' button on the CD player.'

Now that's quite funny. So we're laughing a lot. Jenny comes into the floor and we're laughing about it, give her some stick and she calls us bastards and so on. I go upstairs to send a fax. I was about to tell Tom about the Jenny Incident but he's on the phone already and yells out RANDOM and begins laughing. Heh, news travels fast.
I send my fax. I recount the Jenny Incident to the ads team, who laugh their heads of of course and say 'bless' a lot. I go back downstairs. Jenny walks in, Brian grasses me up telling upstairs about it. Jenny is indignant. I grass Brian up telling Tom about it on the phone.
Jenny is redfaced and fuming. She yells out 'Fuck you all!' and Jim pipes up 'In order or random?'. Hahahaha!!!
Jenny has just sent out a company-wide email saying 'You stopped laughing yet...? Bastards.'
I've right clicked on my 'internal email' folder in The Bat, and added that as a quote on the bottom of my signature. Work can be fun.


  1. So come on then, let's hear the funny office stories!

  2. Laughing is banned here.

  3. No funny office stories right now, but I do offer up a Friday afternoon humour link of Slim's Isle of Man Bastard Sandwich.