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Sunday 14 March 2004

A few things [am]

As some of you know my Gran's been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the liver. I spent this weekend driving 600 miles or so to go and see her and spent five hours with her in the hospital.
Although I was there when Katie's mum died without warning aged 50, this is the first time I've had to experience someone whom I love deeply look the scythe swinging fella in the face. I'm late to that (unwanted) party and recognise how lucky I have been to have avoided it so far.
My gran's got the mind of a thirty year old and is the funniest person I know. She could make the crosshatch piss itself laughing without using a single swearword or blue joke and that she's still laughing along is an amazing thing in its own right. But it's all going to be over pretty soon.
Driving the three hundred miles home it's inevitable that you reflect. Quite a lot really. I wound up thinking as I said in a blog not the other day before I found this out, that if I found the same news tomorrow, I wouldn't be very satisfied looking at my own life. My problem and no-one elses. But boy has it brought it home that I need to sort it out.
So today, right here and now I am actually compiling that list of things you want to do before you curl up your jesus creepers (not that he's go anything to do with it). Yes the list of things to do before you die. And you know what? I'm going to fuckin do them. I'm not going to sit around and pretend I might someday, with a following wind, if it's not too inclement, get to them. I'm going to do it. So expect the list soon. In the meantime, since it's a common thing, life, before it gets too rare, you can post the things you want to do too. Blog you cunts!


  1. When you become a parent your views & priorities change drastically, not necessarily for the worse, quite the reverse in fact, I personally welcomed the change. A bit like having your eyes opened I suppose. One of the things that change is that your kids become far more important to you than yourself. A fact not lost on me this morning as I drove by a secondary school that I pass on the way to work. An ambulance was outside tending to someone in the road, presumably a child who had been run over. I didn't look that hard. I'd just like to see my kids grow up safe & happy. That shouldn't be that much to ask...

  2. Things to do before you die :1. Have kids - at least two, to ensure population balance.2. Boycott a company - for whatever reason, the point being that if everyone boycotted companies who p*ssed them off for whatever reason, then some of those companies would have to be more thoughtful.3. Get a job you enjoy. If you don't enjoy it, start looking for a way out, rather than waste your life being p*ssed off at it.

  3. Um, out of all the reasons to have kids - keeping the 'population balance' has to be the poorest one I've heard yet. Other than that, all seems good to me. Although I know enough happy people doing jobs they don't particularly like. Just means they're happier when they get home.
    Odd way to look at it but we're wired up to only enjoy ourselves as a contrast anyway.

  4. Meaning of life: Getting kids. It really is :)Boycott: Motorola since the early 90´s, really shite customer service. Die!Enjoying work: Like fuck, as soon as i *have* to do something, even if its masturbating to live lesbo asians, i immediately find it really fucking boring. And to kill a hobby, something i find fun just so i can work with it seems idiotic.Tell you what, the kids thing is pretty much the only thing i can think of that i want to do before i die. This will of course change later on, but fuck, lets live for the moment :)

  5. Kids is the biggie. Got two boys now and still getting my brain around some of the aspects of how my values have shifted, but it's very rewarding in itself.
    A list of things to do before death. It's all so transient anyway, unless its for the good of others its just ego-masturbation anyway.
    I'm starting CPR training tomorrow. After losing my boss, a bloody good man as well, at my feet last year to a heart attack I think I can face it now. Never ever want to feel that helpless again.
    I've had family members die almost every year for the last 15, uncles aunts my mum.... It's rapped home pretty hard that it's not all about boys toys and holidays.
    For me it's about enjoying the people around you, spreading some happiness while you can and try to lead a good/decent life.
    I'm not money driven, obv I work in the public sector ffs, which is a bonus. I would like all the fancy dan shit, no doubt about it. But I dont put it above the family commitments.
    For me family is a lifetime commitment, not a club. You have to work at keeping all parts of it together and see each other when you can.
    Must be my RC upbringing.

  6. 'For me it's about enjoying the people around you, spreading some happiness while you can and try to lead a good/decent life'
    and beating the huns 4 times a year :)

  7. In your case, beating England last Saturday surely?

  8. Could I not have both :)

  9. How dare you put a number on how often we can beat the huns in a year! 4 in the league, once in each domestic up, for 6. Then if we knocked them out of europe too.....what a laugh that'd be. Anyway, this year they might not even score against us!