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Monday 29 March 2004

Teh future of telly [slim]

So I have sky+ now, and it rocks. Wifes just started watching the episode of changing rooms she recorded, before it finished recording. And I fast forwarded the adverts in corrie, at 32x! Lord above!
Rewinding is also something that didn't occur to me. You know when the wife farts through that really important bit? No problem, just wizz it back a few mins and watch teh fucker again. Seems its constantly recording everything you watch. It must be magic!
Anyway, they're sneaky fuckers, sky. What they don't tell you until the day the smelly scouse installers arrive is that you don't only need a duel lnb on your dish, you also need to run an additional cable back to your telly from the fucker. So it's a bit unsighlty if you've got those wall mounted or anything.
Still, its teh future!


  1. You installed it yourself? ;-)

  2. OK, I've had it for a coupla months now, does it still rock? I've gotten quite into the habit of not watching sheduled telly at all. I just have to go in and series link the good stuff, then when i sit down, I just view off the HDD. Kinda makes you wonder why they bother with broadcast telly at all like...
    Couple of downers, its usually silent but very occasionally it will fire up a fan that is a lil bit noisy. Doesn't appear to need it often. It will also occasionally lock up. Usually when you're doing something fanny like recording two programmes and veiwing another, or if you flick lots of things around really fast.
    I could prolly do with a bit more space on it too. I've got a couple of movies on it at the mo, and they're pretty chunky.
    Brill thing though, especially ace when the wife rabbits away in the last five mins, or if you missed something someone said to huge laughter from the audience, and have to rewind to see what it was. Also brill to be able to pause shit because your tea isn't quite ready, and then fast forward through the adverts. Brillo.