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Thursday 18 March 2004

Winamp and WAWI - share the music! [brit]

Just moved into a new office and one of the things we wanted to set up was an MP3 server; since past experience has taught me an absolute truth - put someone near a stereo and they think it's theirs and theirs alone...
So anyway, we rigged up Winamp on a nice clean Win2K box and grabbed the WAWI plugin from and bunged it on. It's absolutely brilliant; yes it's basic but it allows anyone with the login details to control the central Winamp player (and all the playlists etc) via a web interface.
I know a fair few of the EED guys have looked into various remote control set-top type hardware devices, but for a quick fix, this is just the ticket; and unlike so much these days works exactly as advertised and right out of the box.


  1. Or you could use Slimserver as I pointed out before. Free. You just get one streaming winamp to connect to it and folks can control that or indeed any clients they feel like running locally on their own machine (with headphones etc).

  2. Indeed, except this isn't streaming in that sense; the machine that holds the WAWI server is plugged into a set of JBL monitors so that everyone can hear the same thing - streaming from a central point to individual client's isn't what we're doing here.

  3. Yes I know. My point stands. Slimserver gives you a really good HTML interface for navigating your collection (I'd lay a large pile of money on it being better than this WinAmp plug-in too). You can run the WinAmp streaming from the Slimserver happily on the same machine. As I do. I have one running on Wench 24/7 along with the slimserver software. I can sort out a playlist from my lair before going into the lounge to kick on the amp you see. Exactly the sort of thing you're doing.
    Really and truly when I say that slimserver fucking rules, it's not because I'm a retard that has no clue. It's because it really is the fucking nuts mmkay? :)

  4. Brit... you all listen to the same music and you can change what's playing willy-mac-nilly?
    I'd go postal.
    Slimserver has been great for us, all headphoned up so we can't hear the boss talking to us, quiet enough for when the phone rings and we have to talk to 'normal' people.

  5. Yup - sounds crazy but it works; except for one guy who keeps trying to put anything by 'The Calling' on, and has a ponytail... the two of which must be related. Surely!