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Thursday 25 March 2004

Athena Sword [beej]

Okay, so I've had the game a week and installed it but not played it. Shows how good UT04 is init. But anyway, the blog.
You need to patch AS right, so you find your 'Athena Sword (UK) 1.0 -> 1.01' patch. You run it, and it tells you that you've gotta patch RS first. Oookay. So you dig up that patch, which fucking obviously is 'Raven Shield (UK) 1.54 -> 1.56'. Got that? So two days later, AS is patched again... so you find the UK-only patch (not the others! get it right!) to patch the game you've just bought, but you also need to patch RS again. That's a whole different file and another download.
So, our brave Gallic cousins, are making us find and leech two seperate downloads to patch two games! It's a fucking mod of RS - not a standalone game - but it has its own patches!
The French and their ilk just shouldn't be allowed to make games. That should be the law.


  1. Did not buy it, wont be buying it! Im playing a lot of planetside, and I really realy like UT. In fact I see myself maybe putting planetside on back burner for a while, as long as EED interest in UT continues.
    I dont have time to be shit at any more games, Im going to flog some PS2 games to get some more ram I think, 512 just does not cut it anymore :)

  2. wanna buy a cheap 512 stick ?Actually, there is no chance that it'd be any use to you, since its only PC133, but its no use to me neither because it don't work in my mobo ... it just gives me 256Mb. Not surprisingly, the people in the know (no, not the people who make the mobo, I mean Crucial) say that I can't but 512Mb in my board, whereas the mobo specs say you can. That'll teach me not to believe the specs :-)

  3. Yep, I've done exactly the same Beejyboi. No doubt I'll need some slower paced relief soon. But not quite yet :)

  4. Got it sat here unopenned. If it doesn't work with daemon tools, it's going on ebay.

  5. Seemed to patch & install fine off my dvd writer drive tho. But yes, for their tech support to say cdrw drives aren't supported (c/f ml) is absolutely inexcuseable.Lurks - works fine with an alcohol image here. Will run with an image of RS cd2, not any athena sword cds.