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Monday 1 March 2004

Retro eed merch pics [slim]

Folks new to eed might not realise that this is actually the fourth generation of eed webbage. The first site was slung together by Koz, and frankly sucked piss. The second one I did in frontpage, and also sucked piss. The third version was pretty damn leet in a retro clan black background cliche kind of way, but the source was sadly lost when it's original host wend down. I've been hunting around trying to find some of the gear off it. Lots of it's on the way back when machine but sadly the way the site was constructed meant all the images fall below its tolerence for collecting stuff. Bah! The news page is worth reading for a laugh though, it was constructed back when we were competative and stuff!
Anyways, I've actually managed to find a couple of pics in my photo archive. They're just the ones I took, I reacall Koz and Asam took some nice pics of babes at their places of work which are still sadly missing. Anyway, without further ado:
My wife Linda, five years ago (cor, we been around that long?) modelling EED cap, tee and mugs:

And from behind, with no pants on cor!:

Some lassy from work I roped into taking her top off and swapping it for an eed one. I had the touch boys, but now it's gone:

Need more! Anyone still got out?


  1. For some reason I've got pictures from a couple of EED currys. Mat's 30th birthday (I think) and some of The Real Lotta(tm) in her thong (sadly I can't find the pics with her tits out).

  2. I have lots of pics of random pissup's from the days when myself, teeth and shinji used to fly over now and agian..
    Including the famous actual arm westle where matt broke his arm :)

  3. I've got the infamous piccy of Pauline aka Xena with nothing but an EED top on... Butt cheeks popping out too! Will dig it out!

  4. The mugs fucking rock - still use my 2 each day. Lets do some more for the current generation of EED that actually play games :-)

  5. I think that's a small enough production run I may as well do it with 4 plain bugs and a felt tip.