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Wednesday 10 March 2004

Mains Networking - is it the one [houmous]

Well we had a plan – and the plan was good. It just didn’t work that was all. The plan was wi-fi heaven – wandering on the beach doing my emails/trying to get sand out of the keyboard surrounded by scantily clad females unable to decide whether it was my stunning good looks, sparkling personality or IT prowess that made them admire me so much.
The reality as always was different. It started off well – sell existing second desktop PC – check. Buy Lurks laptop – check. conn onect up to wi-fi – errr Houston we have a problem (unless you, Houston that is, don’t go more than about 3 foot away). So, we buy a card aerial for the lappy. That takes it up to 6ft. So we buy a fuckoff internal booster aerial that is probably frying my brain as we speak. Now this did make it better but the truth is I've got a crap house for wi-fi coverage especially with the main set up in the lair bunker at the back.
I have also discovered that wi-fi has a mind of its own i.e. find precise position on the dining room table where you can get a signal. Do not move anything – within 30 mins for no reason whatsoever the signal will drop out and then for no reason whatsoever will drop in again. The only good thing about this is that it pisses everyone off in Mirc because you keep disconn oning and reconn oning all the time haha.
So last week I found these. I ordered 2. They arrive and I conn onect them - and they work! Well! You conn onect one to your router and plug the other one to the ethernet conn on your roaming device and plug it in to the nearest mains socket. ThatÂ’s it. A solid 10mbps conn on sweet as you like. The instructions recommend you only plug into a sockets direct and not extensions but itÂ’s worked on the extensions IÂ’ve tried so far, no problem.
Verdict? The man from Del Monte – he say yes!


  1. Isn't your beach a little short on power sockets? A drastic solution to your troubles would also be to use one or two extra WAPs and network those up. In fact, you could do that via your power network I suppose. Get Asus' tiny little pack-of-cards sized WAP and jack that into one of those those things plugged in a convienient power socket - IE one actually on your beech-front porch.
    Those power networking things are nifty eh? Still, a couple is pretty expensive. You could have got a handy man in to run some cat 5... :)

  2. Hardwire Cat5? Thats so last year! The WAP sounds interesting (as usual goes off to order one because Lurks says its good) but with just this mains network setup I get to use it on the dining room table, the sofas or in bed - which were the only places I was using it with wi-fi anyway!

  3. Yeah the mains thing is certainly more convienient. I'd like to see a firm create a cable standard which does power and data and then put that on loads of things. So you could power and wired network your laptop with a single thin lead. As for the 'so last year' about cat5, I did my place when I moved in and I'd sure hate to shovel DVDs back and forth over anything less than full 100mb wireless baby!

  4. I'd like to see wireless power