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Thursday 23 December 2004

Big Ass Stilton and Broccoli Soup recipe [lurks]

One of the presents I got from the industry involved a pretty flash wooden box with a smart french cab sauv and a huge kilo lump of stilton. The wine wasn't difficult to dispose of :) but the stilton proved a little more problematic. I quite like a bit on crackers but this was a whole quarter of a round so what the hell do I do with that.
I just took a big ass delivery from Asda today and it seems I had fucked up the quantity of broccoli so I had three full heads of that. Accordingly I hatched a cunning plan to play to the strengths of the surplus and lashed up a lovely Broccoli and Stilton soup. I must have a full gallon of the stuff so I expect my neighbors will be getting some :)
It turned out stonkingly nice so here it is in full glory:
  • One chopped onion
  • One chopped leek (just the juicy bit)
  • One peeled potato cut into 1cm cubes or so
  • One and a half full heads of brocolli (300gr-400gr)
  • 500ml of chicken stock
  • 300ml of skimmed milk
  • Big ass dob of double cream
  • Big ass dob of butter
  • 150gr of Stilton (or less)

Making it is pretty easy, particular if you have a huge big ass pan. Get the gas heat on the pan and melt the butter. Heave in the onion and leek. Soften it all up. While that's happening, carve up the heads of brocolli. Keep the skinny stems but dump all of the thick stuff. Then chop ti up a bit and chuck it into the pan along with the potato.
Then add the chicken stock. To make that, one and a half of those 'premium' chick stock cubes will do. Anyhow, get a big ass lid on your big ass pan and simmer it there between 15-30mins or so until the potato has softened up (probably on the short end of that time frame).
Now you wanna get the contents of that pan into a blender and blend it good and nice, and get into a big ass pot. No way all that is going to fit in your blender, unless you have a big ass blender, so you probably have to do it in stages.
When you've got all that in the big pot, add the milk, cream and season it up with some salt and pepper. Then lastly, pitch in the stilton and bring the temperature up again. Don't be boiling it now, that would be bad. Stir the shit out of that, so the melted stilton gets all through it.
You'll probably want to eat half of that for dinner and chuck the rest in the fridge for another time. Or do it when you've got visitors, should happily stretch to 4 persons. Perfect with stilton and port bread which I might dosh up a recipe for later. :)


  1. On behalf of the sandal-wearers, and out of curiosity: why add chicken stock to what you'd think would be a vegetarian recipe?

  2. Because its not food unless it contains some sort of animals!

  3. Most soups have chicken or meat stock. It would be possible to do it out of vegetable stock. It just wouldn't taste as good and you'd end up looking sickly and weak like Muz.

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