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Saturday 18 December 2004

ebay ups and downs [lurks]

I've been doing a load of ebay shit of late. So much so that I needed to start tracking my auctions in excel. Has anyone seen an app that tracks auctions and stuff? Specifically what your payment status is on something, delivery, how many times you've reminded some fucker to send you something, give you feedback etc. If not, it needs writing I tell ya.
Anyway, as usual with eBay - I've had some wins and some losses. I think I can count myself lucky that out of 90 transactions - I've only had two bad ones. One where some bloke in the US sold me something, claimed it was delivered to my address but I wasn't there to get it and they err, flew it back to the US. Yeah right. Second, in the last week, some bloke sold me a duff D-link router and is claiming it's all fine. Time to dish out some big neg.
Yet for all that, this evening I've had the biggest win ever. I won an auction for a pair of Tannoy 609 Mark IIs. Ten year old speakers of the dual concentric design. Fucking awesome and I sniped the bastards for £122. Bloke brings them around tonight. Mint condition, absolutely fucking amazing. Chuffed as hell - I would have paid twice as much!
I have to say this is the first time where, as opposed to how much kit I get to dispose of and hence partially fund my techno-lifestyle, I have actually had a major buying win.
The strange thing is, I've still meeting fairly clued up people that own their own computer and have a broadband connection who don't have an eBay account...


  1. That would be me. :)

  2. I said fairly clued up. :)

  3. I've just been conned on eBay Australia out of $106 AUD from some guy who has just been deported back to Bangledesh.
    Apparently he had overstayed his student visa and was deported, unfortunatly this happened before he was charged for fraud. You can probably guess from that figure that there are alot of other buyers who've been conned as well.
    The trick he used was to sell a number of low value items over the course of a few months, gradually building up a respectable level of feedback, then he turbo listed tonnes of PDAs, RAM, CPUs, Mobos etc. Dozens each day for a couple of weeks.
    eBay have been very lethargic in response to it, as have law enforcement, all playing pass the buck. At the end of the day everyone out of pocket is entitled to at least $350 AUD back from eBay though, so it's not all bad.Oh, that figure he took back with him was $35,000 AUD, so about four quid.

  4. Lurks, did you also buy some Mordant-Short speakers, just for the big fuck off boxes? COOL!
    As for tracking eBay sales, I tend to use the Notes feature of that Auction Sentry app you recommended a while back. I have a standard note format for date received, date sent, amount etc.

  5. Heh, the Mordaunt-Shorts are in my lounge. Item notes in Auction Sentry... cor, that's a reasonable idea that is. That's great because it saves copying in all the data into Excel. I might just do that. Shame Auction Sentry doesn't total things up and have different pages for your buying/selling though.
    Next thing I need is a compact amplifier. Since I've got the spare bookshelves I thought I'd sort out a small sound system in our bedroom and plug in a Squeezebox. I can only find big fuck off things on eBay though.

  6. The geezer who writes Auction Sentry is a reasonable cove who welcomes fresh ideas. Pitch it to him.

  7. Yeah, I've spoken to him before. So far he's yet to even integrate my request for totals...