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Wednesday 22 December 2004

Desert Combat 0.6 [beej]

First impressions on DC 0.6f...

MH-53 Pave Low flown from the new carrier. Yum!

Here's under one of the rigs. Surely they don't think that DC is a Counter-terrorism game?

Lurks heading for a landing on the sprawling rig complex

Operation Bragg: a shit name for a shit map. Seems to play terribly, with cliffs like Tribes 2 and pokey bridges that makes your tank a sitting duck


  1. There's some very shit maps, bit of a dissapointment really

  2. Fortunately some of the old maps have just replaced the vehicles with different varieties but others have added them, particularly aircraft. The result is that it's hard to get a decent game on El Alamein now because you've just got all these flying wankers who aren't doing a thing for their side.

  3. God ALMIGHTY the new maps are SHIT SHIT SHIT :(