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Tuesday 21 December 2004

So who would you like to be then? [houmous]

I grabbed a copy of 'The Pet Shop Boys discography - the complete singles collection' last week for a bit of laugh - but the truth is I've been playing it non stop since - I'd forgotten how beautifully crafted their songs were, as evidenced by the way so many of them have stood the test of time, and how well they quintessentially capture those magic moments of the 80's and early 90's.
Now without appearing to be an even smugger cunt than I actually am I have to be honest with you and say that I am quite satisfied with my life i.e. there isnÂ’t many people I would rather be. However the assault on my senses of all these Pet Shop Boys tunes somehow jogged my memory to a time, during their heyday, when I decided I wanted to be Neil Tennant. I cant elaborate on why that was with any huge degree of clarity, but it was primarily driven by, not just his talent or his coolness, but that somehow he seemed 'comfortable in his own skin' ( to literally interpret a French proverb). It also helped that he was quite tall.
Anyway this got me thinking - had I ever wanted to be anyone else apart from Neil?
Well apart from a brief period in the 70's, when I became so obsessed with Roxy Music that I announced that I was changing my name from Robin to Roxy, and would forthwith only be answering to that name (I put up with non stop ridicule for a week before giving in) – but I still follow Eno's activities to this day :-), the only other person I have wanted to be is Dave Stewart - I love his....
1) Artistic integrity ( I emailed him a few weeks ago to offer my accountancy services for The Hospital - his new media arts centre),
2) The way he doesnÂ’t give a damn about success in any conventional sense - like the way he went from the Eurythmics - one of the best bands in the world to form The Spiritual Cowboys....... - which was one of the worst haha - but he is like...what the fuck....he enjoyed it!
3) The fact that he is one of the few pop stars who openly talk about that very silly phase we all went through in the 70's where the drug of choice was barbiturates - take a mandrax, go to pub, fall on people and then start a fight - I still cant suss why we thought this was a pleasurable experience...hehe
Anyway - to the purpose, apart from my own self indulgence, of this Blog - who would other fellow EED members like to have been? The woman behind the deli counter in Sainsbury's Clapham? The man who invented velcro? Do reveal all!


  1. uh... Ok Mr. Moisterizer:
    if you say Neil, i say Jenna. Atleast that way i would have a pair of tits to play with when the ass hurts :)

  2. I always wanted to be Slim, but all he ever did was berate me and kick sand in my eyes.

  3. If you're wondering why I haven't chipped in (and I don't speak for the rest of the slack fuckers in EED), it's because I just don't want the ridicule that goes along with saying such a thing :)

  4. Oh no! Lurks is in DENIAL!