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Wednesday 29 December 2004

wanky banky [Shedir]

Well this one year I tried to be sensible.
I transfered my wages (which arrived 10 days early in december) to another account, then setup a transfer which would put them back the day before my DDs.
Got the kid out on his bike and we went for an ice cream that day.
Arrived at bank, bosh no dough and well overdrawn.
DD's came off a day early and the money transfer hadn't happened!
Called bank and was told that money transfers can't happen on a non working day.
On an IT system of course this is utter tosh.
I've emailed them below but I'll be onto the branch next.
Wankers the lot of them.

I have phoned the telephone number and am not happy with the outcome.
I have been been advised that the origional T&C's said that the transfers would not work on a non business day.
In that case why am I able to schedule them?
Due dilligence should make sure that the bank cannot allow me to input inappropriate transactions.
I've used this facility in the past to great effect and have been very happy with it.
However this instance has soured me to the whole idea. Given the website is available 24/7 and I transfered the money by hand via the website *that day*, I fail to see how the money wasn't moved.
I work in IT myself and unless the transfer is approved by hand somewhere, I cannot understand how a scheduled task (or cron) on a computer cannot run because it's a bank holiday.
I look forward to your explanation on this, hopefully with a promise that it can be rectified for the scant 20 days public holiday there are in the UK.
Also that the service is unable to be set to weekends as I assume that it will not work then either.
Yours, Pete


  1. The BACS system doesn't run on non-working days, nothing your bank can do about that surely? Besides, it takes two days for that to work. Two working days. Unless the accounts are the same bank?
    I am kinda surprised you'd think banks work non-working days. They're kind of notorious for otherwise.

  2. Same bank. moving money from a savings account, to a current account.
    It's instant.
    I went home and did it myself manually using their website, money transferred immediately and without a problem.
    Quite why their own system couldn't do this leaves me very confused.
    The DD's came off, so the bank must have been operational at some level!

  3. BACS is a seperate company/system Shedir, the bank is at their mercy for that transaction, surely you see this? Also, the business-logic of the application may have a rule that means they have to adhear to some banking law and delay the transaction. Who knows, I'm just guessing there.
    Banks sucks, they haven't brought themselves into the 21st century, we know this, you have to be very diligent when dealing with them, as they'll catch you out and charge you a fortune oh so easily!

  4. "Surely you know this", "I'm guessing here" in 1 paragraph.
    ta for that.
    They're two discreet systems. One internal to the bank and BACS. It worked for me, manually, in real time. when queued it did not. I'm saying this is a fucking fallacy in this day and age.
    Christ I'm only beginning to footer in writing programs and have better exception handling than my bank apparently!

  5. Well they got back to me "the transaction happened, but wouldn't show until next banking day".
    Which is as good a way as saying it's fucked but we're not going to hit you with a standing charge.
    argh, fuckers.
    Still, lesson learned. Keep it under a matress.