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Sunday 19 December 2004

Christmas Party Time [vagga]

The Christmas party is upon us. Who would have thought it, me organising an EED event, as opposed to dodging one at the last minute with a flimsy excuse!!
Where we are going is The Dragon Inn. It is number 12 Gerrard Street (post code of W1D 5PP for multimap / streetmap). Gerrard Street is the ‘main street’ of Chinatown, which has the ornamental arches at each end of the street! You know the one :)
(As a backup BTW, shinji and brit also know where the place is, so if you are a pe0n and you cant reach me, contact one of them!)
The booking is for 13 and is under my name. We are booked for 7pm, the restaurant has my number and anyway I have a deposit paid so they should not fuck us about.
I will be in the area early as there is not much going on at work as everyone gets ready to fuck off for Christmas next week. There is an OÂ’NeillÂ’s at one end of the street (At the other end of the street there are what looks like private houses, so you canÂ’t miss it really) I will head in there, with the aim of being there between 5 and 6. I could be there earlier if someone like Daire was standing about on his own with fuck all to do?
My mobile is 07815 801 671 if there are any issues or problems! I have most of your numbers, saying that they are all a year or so old so who knows how accurate those numbers are anymore!
Everyone Happy?


  1. first person to talk about facial products gets a dim-sum up the nostril seen?

  2. Spoon burning is banned

  3. Top night! I wonder when and indeed where the drunken hardcore ended up :)

  4. Any sign of the photos?

  5. It was just houmous that had a camera with him wasn't it?
    I can't remember the name of the place we ended up going (think i picked up one of their cards though), but i think they kicked us out about 4am.

  6. It was the Milk and Honey club in Poland Street and....forgive me Lord because I have been sooooo's the piccies!

  7. How on earth did EED manage to stay in a bar like that till 4am and not get thrown out due to plastic firearms being discharged, burning games and/or general drunken cheer?

  8. You weren't there so there was nobody we needed to shoot.

  9. Hi Skeeve, it guess it was handy that sentance was short enough not to need any punctuation :)