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Saturday 11 December 2004

Hi girls! Its the EED mens facial correspondent here with more important facial product news for you! [houmous]

Sat morning at Jersey airport - returning home from our 2 day national partners conference (about 200 of us). I'm hanging out in duty free in the beauty section seizing a few minutes before boarding to examine the new Clinique mens 'surge extra' moisturiser oil free gel and pick up some more Clinique Aloe (and other mineral extracts) aftershave. While examining the contents of the box and discretely trying some of said moisturiser on my hand a random fellow partner wanders past.
'Hello Robin what you doing - buying some moisturiser? hahahaha'
'Errrr - yes'
Said partner looks at me with part disgust/part horror and without another word turns around and walks away.
p.s I know alot of you having been worrying about whether you should go for the Gillette Mach 3 turbo or the new Wilkinson Quatro four blade. After extensive research I can advise you that while the Wilkinson has a more solid feel to it, you get a closer shave with the Gillette :-)


  1. There's other members of eed in this inner girly-arms club of yours Houmous, don't worry.. I'm sure Amnesia and Lurker apply liberal amounts of white stuff to their faces...

  2. I notice a trend here. the older members phearing their own demise are trying to roll back the years :-)

  3. Personally I've always found Clinique's range(s) somewhat overrated. Sure, they contain extract of freshly juiced hedgehog foetus, and other exotica but at the end of the day why spend £40 on a thimbleful of this stuff when for a tenner, Boots will sell you half your body weight in facial scrub and moisturiser?
    Yes I'm aware the quality might not be the same (their foetii are from a frozen packet) but I think the return on investment is significantly higher; giving your skin that much needed boost whilst not involving hundreds of little pots that are virtually impossible to open.

  4. I fucking do not. I fucking never. No fucking fucks are going to fucking say that I fucking do the fucker cos I fucking don't you fucking fucks.

  5. I think the only time I ever put this shit on my face was at the houlan. He was trying to convince me. In fact all I ever put on my face is the odd bit of cortisone cream when parts of my face threaten to fall off from eczema. Moisturiser? Do look like Julian Clarey?!

  6. Lurks: ever wondered why it is that half your face does fall off? :)
    Brit: The Boots range is cheap because it is made from lard and preused cooking oil. :)

  7. Clinique stuff IS ludicrously overpriced though. Nice, but stupidly expensive for what it is.
    Have to say, I'm quite taken with the full King of Shaves range now. Was previously using their after-shave gel, which rocks, and started quite recently buying their exfoliating wash and standard moisturiser. Very very nice stuff indeed, and not ludicrously overpriced. At least not compared to the stuff I use for my hair. Which admittedly is a problem I guess Houmous doesn't have :)