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Sunday 12 December 2004

For your Reading Pleasure....... [Houmous]

We are all well aware of information overload – but how do you balance not getting stressed with piles of unread publications (or web pages), or end up considering suicide as you have to wade through something about celebs living in the jungle, while trying to satisfy a genuine interest to know what’s going on in areas that interest you?
Well I think I’ve finally got that balance with the following well crafted package of magazine subs coupled with a careful shunning of newspapers – having a crap has never been so good! (supplementary question –why don’t women read on the toilet?)
Anyway for your amusement and edification here they are – but pray tell – what other magazines do my fellow EED members subscribe to?
1) Ready Made – a cult US magazine that shows how to make art out of everyday objects but with a sense of humour.
2) National Geographic – I just love the pictures after years of looking at them in dentists waiting rooms.
3) GQ – essential reading for the man about town and one of the few mens mags that hasn’t dumbed “ look at those tits” down.
4) Private Eye – something I’ve read on and off all my life – incredibly funny – witness the cartoon with the cat and the fiddle standing there looking at a black dot in front of the moon, with the cat saying to the fiddle “ Oh no! The cows burning up on re-entry! “ It also inspires confidence by showing its not just you that hates hypocrisy and is amazingly cheap if you subscribe.
5) The Economist – I used to think this was really dry and boring before I started reading it – what I now know is that its concise articles are amazingly informative , easy to read and have a gentle dry humour. I read the UK section from beginning to end.
6) PC Zone – nuff said although this has definitely gone downhill over recent months.
7) Time Out – essential for reading about movies and music to *find out more about* on Bittorrent and for planning my weeks TV viewing.
So come on then - whose going to own up to Asian Wives?


  1. Another Private Eye reader here - even if they're occasionally hugely depressing to read, since they constantly point to giant problems in our political system which seem blatantly obvious but that nobody seems to actually care about. Can make you despair for humanity a bit!
    I also read Empire pretty much every month - it's the only film mag that I've found that I actually like, with genuinely good interviews, pretty intelligent reviews that give you a good idea of whether you want to see something or not even if you disagree with the critic, and a decent, grown up sense of humour about the whole affair.
    New Scientist and Scientific American I pick up if there's something in there that I'm interested in (which is usually once every couple of issues of either); I used to read both religiously, and would like to have time to do that again, but I'm just too busy at the moment and I end up with a stack twenty issues deep of articles about quantum mechanics, super-string theory, retrovirus research and advanced cryptography - each of which is at least a three-shit article, as opposed to the one-shit articles you get in the likes of Empire.
    The Economist has been on my radar increasingly, I've enjoyed it whenever I've picked it up and keep meaning to get a subscription.
    Last on the pile is Wired. I'd love to be able to get a Wired sub, but they're so fucking variable in quality - sometimes an issue will be full of really stunning profile pieces and very intelligent looks at technological culture, then you'll get a run of issues full of puff pieces about new gadgets and so on which just come across as paid-for advertorial.
    Interesting that you say Zone has gone downhill. I don't read any paper games mags any more, personally, but I've heard a lot of people say Zone is a bit fucked since Future bought it, which is a shame because they used to write some quite intelligent stuff Back In The Day.

  2. Zone? Hell's teeth - that's sucked for a long time imho.
    I'm another Private Eye reader. Still a top rag.
    What else do I read? Well pretty much my own shit which I've written in previous years. I entertain myself more than most other writers I read. Deeply friggin sad I know but there you go - my little egomad world innit :)

  3. The only stuff I read religiously, as in I buy them on the newstand every time they appear, is New Scientist, Scientific American and Nature. I occasionally pick up the Economist and Time but truth be told next to those science mags I read from cover to cover, the next most stuff I actually read are generally articles on the Guardian Unlimited.
    I had subs to 2000AD and the Megazine but I was never getting around to reading it so I let them lapse. Although when I made an effort to read the backlogged issues, I found myself wishing I continued. Bah.
    Games mags, I don't really read any for myself. I get them all and or buy them as part of my job. They don't really grab me, particularly as I'm pretty well universally disillusioned with the state of games journalism these days.
    Another thumbs up for Private Eye here although I only tend to pick up a copy if I've got a long train journey or something.

  4. well, dont subscribe to mags since i like having the shops around :)
    National geographic, nice piccys, weeeee!
    Octane, the only motormag you need, as easy as that. (Nice piccys, weeee!)
    Kalle Anka & Co (donald duck), disneys main weekly mag in sweden. It comes with toys. EVERY WEEK!!!
    Everything else is nonfictional books and the net.

  5. I'm on a free FHM sub at the mo, but I'll let that lapse as it's a big pile of fucking shite. If I want porn, I'll buy porn, what's the deal with this fucking halfway shite they do? I've a sub to Computer Shopper, because I've always had one, but that really only gets a quick flick. I still buy Edge, and it's actually been picking up lately again, so I'll probably continue. Nothing other than that, although I buy the Independant daily, and usually pick up the local rags too.