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Sunday 12 December 2004

XMP [Spiny]

Remember the multi player addon for Unreal 2 UT XMP? I played it a bit, Slim said it sucked, I still liked it. But as not many people bought Unreal 2 & Lengend went tits up, its slowly fizzled out.
Enter stage left Free Monkey Interactive who've redone the game as a mod for UT2004. Beta one was released this week & there seems to be a shed load of players already.
For the uninitiated, here's how it works:
Two teams each start with two artefacts, the goal being to nab the other buggers artefacts before they pinch yours. You spawn at deploy points which can be caputured for strategic advantage, natch. There's three classes which are light/med/heavy, each with their own predictable advantages & disadvantages. Some classes can lay deployables like rocket turrets & so on. Trouble is see, there's a need for energy and you have to maintain control of the generators too. Fail to control the generators & when your team looses too much energy shit stops working, including the ability to capture artefacts & use fixed guns etc.
The authors have done a commendable job for a first beta & produced a very professional release. All the gameplay elements are there, stuff's well animated, modelled & textured. (Although from memory, the textures don't quite match up to Ledgends output). Being a UT mod of course, it's got a far greater potential user base, and well... its good, see. I does rely on teamplay, which is why it needs a decent crack at it before passing verdict.
So, give it a go. I think I may have even seen a shiny floor or two...


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