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Tuesday 14 August 2007

Bioshock [Slim]

When the Bioshock xbox 360 demo started, I didn't realise I wasn't still in a cut-scene, I just sat waiting for it to continue. It simply looks too fucking awsome to be in game, but in game you are. This must have come up in testing too, because the game gives you a friendly 'use the left stick to move, dumbass' nudge. And move I did, finally, into the terrifying art-deco horror world of Bioshock. You get about 30 mins play from the demo, three weapons and one psi style effect, a bunch of backstory and your underpants filled with dirt at least twice.

It's simply awsome, the atmosphere is spot on, little video reels play, neon flashes through water filled streets, the architecture and fashion is traditional 1930's art deco mixed with flash gordon style sci-fi, and the fear is always there too, from the insane inhabitants to the tonnes of water constantly threatening to crush you, it doesn't let up. It's actually a harrowing experience to play.

There are some things that dull the impact, particularly if you were looking for System Shock 3. It's not as open as the system shock games, it's more fps than they were. This plays and feels a lot more like Half Life 2 than SS3, but does add adventure like elements such as background text to items and the psi abilities, but there's no character development or skills like in system shock.

It's a work of art though, I wanted more the second the demo ended, and my pre-order is still firmly in place. This will be the gaming experience of the year I've no doubt.


  1. Theres a second Psi effect if you hunt around


  2. Oh is there? I think I'll play it through again. One thing that's worth a mention is that it's got system shock style 'communication from above' in the form of radio comms from a guy on the higher floors trying to help you. Having finished SS2, I'm instantly suspicious of it of course! It's also got Doom 3 style tape logs adding to the backstory.