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Friday 31 August 2007

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot! [Brit]

You may remember back in February, I wrote a blog entitled "Which Car?", based on my need to flail ever so less ineffectually in the second-hand car purchasing arena.

Since that blog was written, we've spent countless hours looking at our options - from the out and out banger to the new vehicle route; pouring over websites, 48 hour test-drives, magazines and various Real Cars. The upshot being that with so much choice, we went exactly nowhere.

Its also worth noting that in my last post to that blog, I ended with this: "I've decided to prioritise Honda, Hyundai and Toyota." This turned out to be utter bollocks.

Yesterday morning Ollie is on Autotrader and suddenly, cries out. 12 hours later, we're pulling up outside Brit Towers in our brand new car. When I say "brand new" I mean "brand new to us".

Following our extensive discussions, we've gone and got ourselvesthis, aFiat Bravo SX 1.6 (unleaded so as to protect the baby penguins). Its in absolutely brilliant nick, and even came loaded with radio/cd-player, 'leccy windows and air-con. Full service history, new clutch/cambelt and tyres inside the last 24 months... £1,175 cash. Thats a bloody bargain from where I'm sat.

Now of course, picking the thing up in "north east London" meant we had no idea how to get home (mother of God that area is rough as Amy Whinehouse's morning face), so in true EED style we rocked up to the nearest PC World (Halfords was shut) and grabbedthis, aTom Tom ONE XL - their new ultra slim widescreen nav getup... interestingly for £199.99, a full £50 cheaper than the price on the Tom Tom webby.

So, finally, we have a chariot!


  1. that is a bloody lovely car - how very well you (we) have done! And it's an Italian car! Surely the best in the WORLD!


  2. What I've always appreciated about the Electric Death posse is the massive variety of well-informed, well-schooled, well-heeled opinion that collectively manifests itself in this diverse group of people who come from all walks of life, occupying positions everywhere from the coal-face of capitalism in menial minimum wage positions (almost) through to senior directors at major financial institutions.

    But on my appreciation scale that is as nothing compared to the fact that even given this veritable mother lode of collective knowledge, we also have clannies willing to basically ignore absolutely all adviceand make purchasing decisions based on what their partner squeals at in Autotrader magazine or what's on special in the local PC World. Gawd bless ya and congratulations :)