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Friday 10 August 2007

My local beer has gone green! [Slim]

Great item onmy local radio stationthis morning from our branch of the Campaign for Real Ale about how drinking locally produced beer in a pub is good for the environment. Of course, 'buying local' is greener isn't hot news, but the owner of a local brewery did pretty well to back up the argument as it applies to brewing. It boiled down to:
  • local beer doesn't travel far to the pub
  • it's delivered in barrels that are re-used, not creating waste like beer cans and packaging
  • if your drinking in a busy pub instead of alone at home, you're sharing the heating/lighting with more people making it more efficient
  • you can walk to the local rather than drive to the supermarket to buy your cans of beer
  • local breweries re-use the bi-product, like the waste fromthe beer productiongoes tonearby horsesto eat

So get down the pub and sup for the planet, I'll be down there this lunchtime doing my bit!


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