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Saturday 11 August 2007

Madeleine search reaches 100 days [Lurks]

But really, who gives a fuck?! Jeez, enough already.


  1. The British media sure does consume stories doesn't it. The first month was just Princess Diana style over-hopeful emotion. But hell, everyone wants the kid not to be dead. The German girl abducted and brainwashed for years is probably a bit of a false baseline for child abduction that's still in the minds of many punters.So how about: It was someone staying or working at the hotel. Or it was an opportunist living very close by, like Murat. Or it was someone living or staying within, say, 10 miles of Praia da Luz.But be realistic about it, it's not the parents. Shame the Police didn't take the free ride of fired-up sympathy at the start, and do local roadblocks and house-to-house.


  2. The thing is, she was missing, it was news - fine. But front page of the BBC at 100 days missing is the most important news story in the world? Clearly it isn't, that's just absurd. We all know there's plenty more children missing and you don't see them in the news at ALL, let alone the front page, let alone the front page just because they've been missing for some arbitrary amount of days.

    It's ridiculous. Like I said before, enough already.