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Friday 24 August 2007

David Beckham planet destroyer [Lurks]

There's been a fair bit of clan hand wringing over carbon in the last couple of years. Some of us, at least, have made significant lifestyle changes in order to lower our carbon footprint while others do less... At any rate, I have pretty much no interest in soccer and even less interest in David Beckham but it's interesting to read how he's trying to play for a local US team and also be on the England team as well.

In the next three months alone, according to the BBC, Beckham is due to clock up around 80,000 miles worth of air travel. Based on these figures, we have a rough figure for carbon output. However the figures are based on economy class where as it's fair to say that being in first class you should accept a higher percentage of the carbon output given the larger seats, increased space etc. So I'm going to use a figure of 200gr per mile for Mr Beckham.

At that rate, Beckham's CO2 output in the next three months will be around 16 tonnes of CO2.

We can probably subtrate a small amount off his overall footprint since his wife clearly eats less than our wives do, and hence farts less greenhouse methane than our wives do. But I'm not thinking that this makes up for this air travel insanity really. No matter how little she eats.

1 comment:

  1. Hmm, yeah. You may want to add some on for all the Hello Magazine paparazzi following them pack & forth to grab snaps of Victoria's Belsen like figure.