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Wednesday 29 August 2007

Making extra cash from "special numbers" [Brit]

I got an automated SMS from O2 today. It says:

From 28th Sept calls starting with certain numbers e.g 0844&0845 will be charged outside your incl. mins & cost 20p/min. Details at

I figured that on the site there would be information explaining why this is the case. I pay £50 a month on contract and get a bundle including 1,000 free texts and 250 free minutes which means that every month I pretty much guarantee I only have £50 to pay.

The one 0845 number I use regularly is that of my bank, First Direct and occasionally the likes of BT or a utility supplier. Up until now, these calls which (the bank notwithstanding) inevitably resulted in me sitting listening to hold music for a good few minutes have been free. Now I'm going to be paying for them, and o2 have just slapped this new charge on me with no explaination why.

Am I wrong to feel put out by this? The soul-less o2 website reveals nothing at all, just a slightly more verbose equivalent of the SMS I got. Its all rather bollocks eh?

I'm going to write a letter to these people and send it COD. Two can play at this game.

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    Despite the name, it also covers 0845, 0844 etc etc. You can search by premium number or company name, and find freephone or geographical alternatives, so as not to get screwed over.