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Sunday 19 August 2007

Heading off... [Rabido]

Sorry for the lack of communication recently, and even worse a gay no show at AmLan. I've been at Apple for about 18 Months now, and they recently offered me a relocation to Cupertino - I've been out there for the last 2 weeks tying it down. I had my Visa approved by the US yesterday, (luckily no anal probes and they didn't find out about my EED background) and I should be heading out there at the end of September for good. If any of you are in the SF area anytime, feel free to holler ;). Its been a blast and I wish my work was a bit more relaxed so I could get to play some good stuff like WOW etc more often. Hopefully should get some more free time out there, but the time difference is gonna suck.This is not a resignation post btw...and I'm proud to be part of what is clearly the l33test clan ever formed ;)


  1. Fuck...that image of me is well old ;(


  2. So where's the proper video ipod then?....

  3. Congratulations Rabido! Hell of a journey from flogging 3rd hand 14" monitors in CEX (with a 500% markup over the RRP, natch) to Apple Jobs' Biatch in what, 5-6 years? Bloody good job. Of course, now you'll be surrounded by macro-biotic pill swilling perma-tanned high-fiving white-toothed PRAISE JESUS! types and you'll have access to the worst television on the planet... we expect pictures! videos! and litigation!


  4. Congratulations mate. I'm looking forward to Yanklan and an EED road trip to the states once you're settled.