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Friday 24 August 2007

Walking for fitness and profit [Slim]

Since moving into civilisation (Onchan village!) I've been walking to work. It's been about three weeks, starting a few days but now every day. I've lost a bunch of weight, 3 holes on my belt, feel a load better had some good compliments bt need some new clothes.

I'vesaved about 40 quid in petrol, if I paid for parking I'd have saved another 75 quid, I feel loads better and I'm not fekked off with the traffic when I arrive at either end. I've also got a nice tan, that's worth a few quid too eh? Oh and my carbon footprint is considerably lower!

According to the charts, at my weight I'm burning about 650 calories a day on the walk there and back, which is a bit more than a big mac a day, while saving dosh and not spending on a gym sub. It's by far the quickest fat loss I've ever managed, I wont say weight loss, as that seems to go quite slowly when you're suddenly exercising lots more, fitter friends tell me this is because I'm putting on muscle as I lose weight.

The walk in Takes me about 40 mins, in rush hour the same drive takes about 20 - 25 mins so not that much extra, and most of the time I'm on the seafront, so away from traffic with a nice view and some good tunes on me ipod. I might not be as keen in the crappy weather, been caught once in the rain and it wasn't much fun, but I can always jump on a bus or just bring the car if it's looking shitty.

I've no real point to make other than to advocate walking more, it's working really well for me!


  1. Congrats. Getting a bit of exercise can really improve one\'s quality of life, and if you can combine commuting with exercise you don\'t end up sacrificing a load of free time towards it.

    I would definately advocate getting yourself a bike and using that. Not only will it take you less time but you\'ll build more strength in your legs and improve your cardiovascular system, leading to even greater benefits. Of course, having a shower available at work is usually a must for this, especially in summer. And cycling also brings with it the issue of being run down by inattentive drivers :)

  2. Let it be known that this is not me agreeing with Billox, because that would be Just Wrong... however...Cycling: clearly teh win. Nothing against walking, it's just slow, and not really practical over any long distance. However, have been cycling to work (15 miles each way, in and out of Central London) for about 3 months now. Can't sell it up enough. Some of the benefits: Feel fitter Lost about 7kg since starting Saving money (no more Travelcard), although with all the bike toys it's probably more of a break-even affair (who doesn't need a GPS, really?) Takes the same amount of time as commuting (walk to station -> train to Waterloo -> walk to bus stop -> wait for bus -> bus to work) You're not at the mercy of London transport (leaves on the lines... driver felt like taking a sickie... someone's chucked themselves in front of a train)Things you have to deal with: Punctures Rain HGV drivers Lemming^H^H^H pedestriansEven with all of the above, I couldn't go back to train/bus; besides being boring, it's also genuinely unpleasant being crammed into a carriage with a bunch of sweaty, smelly anti-social commuters. Viva la revolution!