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Friday 29 November 2002

Bored of the bings [am]

Guiness has been beeping at me. Intermittently, repeatedly, it makes like Monty Python's machine that goes bing. It crashes Rallisport despite having a moment of contentment on Monday night and I can't work out why. But it does so with a monotone burp. It will beep from the case randomly when it's working, when it's tootling and when it's idling. Beep, it goes, bing. Biddly f'ing bop.

Guiness is unwell.

Now don't get me wrong, it's been a rocking machine. As a 1.2 athlon with a gf3 it'll still play everything bar Comanche with aplomb if not max res. But it's SDR memory, it's marginal cpu-upgradeable, it was more happy with a day that really died when EED still played twitch games. The days when Luxemb0urg was still the capital of a vast egyptian empire.....

So, you know, it's hard not to notice the fast ladies of postcode P4 flashing their silicon petticoats in my direction as the days go by but I don't get their chassis. What on EARTH is going on with the mobo mafia?? I've never seen so many mobo's and memory types in my life.

Will someone with some Intel-igence please explain to me wot is leet?


  1. Flog it to a relly and buy a dell.

  2. Heard that the early kt400 boards is are bit of pot luck for stabliity. If I was building one myself now I'd go for an nforce2 shuttle. Mmmmm...

    or this.

  3. Hmm, I had that odd beeping noise when I had the same mobo. That mobo was fucked on several fronts, naturally again it's a peice of shit but all the so-called hardware expert sites said it was great. IMO I reckon you should dump it too.

  4. I'm in a similar situation Am. With the prospect of affordable broadband coming sometime soon to Dublin, I've been looking at PC hardware for the first time in a year and a half.. and a lot has changed. I'm not going to try to explain everything cos I haven't bothered getting back on top of things. :) Here's what I've specced for my next machine:

    CPU: P4 2ghz or better

    MEM: 2x 256MB PC333 DDR

    HD: some 80gig 7200rpm disk - I don't trust anything bigger.

    GFX: A geforce 4 of some description, probably a 4400.

    Sound: Built in (see below)

    Case/mobo/sound/network et al: Shuttle SB51G (

    Monitor: dunno, some decent 19 inch flat crt.

    I'm not going to be arsed with overclocking or anything, tbh this machine is faster than I need, and it's not even close to being top of the range. I reckon you could get all of the above for about 1200 sterling, maybe a bit more. Plus it's small and cute, perfect for LANs too should the need arise.

  5. Teeth, keep an eye on the gfx market. The radeon 9500 reviews appearing have it shitting on GF-4600s, US$200 atm, they reckon US$150 in a couple of months.

  6. We actually use the pound in this country.

  7. I bought the althon shuttle, can't remember the name of it. It's nice and small, but has vents on the side, If they're obstructed, it does overheat, which negates a fair bit of the size benefits sadly. Whats the crap about not trusting big hdd's all about?