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Wednesday 27 November 2002

Snail mail spam getting worse? [lurks]

I got a letter from New Scientist, junk mail basically. You know, trying to get me to sub and stuff. Nothing new there but the only reason I opened this particular junk mail was because it looked damn like a personal letter. My address was written by hand in cursive ball-point on the letter and it had a 2nd class stamp fixed askew.

Well, it wasn't. This is just the latest in a long line of efforts to get you to look at junk mail. Those lottery type ones that try to look like official government business or telegrams I thought were scraping the bottom, and I guess they are worse than what I got today but it doesn't stop me being annoyed about it.

Annoyed because it's just more bits of paper. Groan, rip, in the bin. At least when they look like yet another bloody credit card offer, I can just leave it in the junk pile downstairs which gets periodically taken out to the garbage unopened.


  1. Blame the tossers who fall for it. Companies wouldn't bother if it didn't yeild results, so there must be some thick shites out there who actually say 'oooh, geee, that looks like a great deal!' and sign up. Wankers!

  2. I forgot to mention, that letter from New Scientist. Looks like they used some nifty software and printing technique to make it look like someone wrote the address by hand. Probably even have a machine that sticks the stamps on crooked ffs.

  3. Crucify me now - this sort of thing is exactly where my company is investing (and has been growing for several years).

    Personalised direct mailings with all sorts of fancy effects.

  4. Can you provide the address for me to mail a nice juicy turd?