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Tuesday 26 November 2002

XP Recovery Tips from Teh King Of Teh Interweb [slim]

I've just brought my xp pro pc back from the brink of death, the recovery procedure was quite different to getting 2k and nt systems back, so I thought I'd get what I did down here in case it can help someone else. What a benevolent king of teh interweb I am!

First tip comes from Rock - press [F8] on boot for the safe mode menu. I didn't know that, but I suspect everyone else does. doh. Problem is that's pretty much only useful for fixing vid card issues, not much else. My pc died with registry failure, so here's how to fix that...

First you need the recovery console. There's a few ways to do this, but the easiest is to boot from your install cd, and press 'r'. This is a command line interface into your xp system (presuming your on an ntfs filesystem, if your on fat, just ignore this part and boot with a dos or 98 bootdisk) Then you go into /winnt/recover and copy the appropriate registry file back again. I had to do 'system', I backed up the old one first.

This got me back up and running, but my ip was completely fucked. XP unlike older os's doesn't let you remove IP. Gah! So, it has an altertaive, a comman line thingy called netsh. in this case netsh int ip reset restelog.txt will rebuild your tcp/ip stack and get you rocking again. leet!


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