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Monday 18 November 2002

WFP Is Evil [spiny]

This is one to watch out for. After installing the latest divers for my graphics card & rebooting, I looked in event viewer and found that Windows File Protection had rolled back two of the driver files. I don't know if this is a bug with WFP or with the ATi driver install ( more likeley) but here's what you have to do to get round the problem.

  1. Uninstall existing drivers & reboot.
  2. Find all c:windowsinfoem*.inf containing 'ati' (or ' nvidia')
  3. Move these files off to a another directory, say c:tempwfptoss< /LI>
  4. Now find all c:windowssystem32catrootoem*.cat and delete all those with the same number as the INF files in c:temp wfptoss
  5. Delete c:tempwfptoss to clear up
  6. Now install your new drivers

I don't know if this affects nVidia drivers but it's well worth checking.


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