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Tuesday 26 November 2002

Evil Internet out for your children [lurks]

I used to like Carol Vorderman. Obviously intelligent and a bit foxy too. However she's found her pet project in life and basically this intails scaremongering about the Internet. She's toned down a little in recent times but in the past she was leading calls for regulation of the Internet and so on. Again fairly typical of people that don't understand the issues.

ITV's Tonight has a big story about various facets of Internet paedophiliacs. Most of it is good stuff but again it's got Carol Vorderman saying the only way your children can use the Internet is by moving the PC into the lounge so you can see what they're doing. Not once did this scarmongering technophobe tart actually suggest it might be a good idea to teach kids about the threats. They even laid into mobile phones as an avenue for your children to meet nasty men in trenchcoats. Unbelievable.

The show finished off by moaning about the 7,000 subscribers in the UK which were found subscribing to some horrible online paedophile service. Naturally for her, these people should be arrested and locked up at the expense of any other police work. It's just so tiring. I really thought the mainstream press w2ould start to get a bit less hysterical about the issue but on the face of this, it appears not.

Of course then people wonder about the low takeup of broadbroad in this country. No wonder since our media is basically selling the Net as a haven for paedophiles. It's good to see the police making inroads against paedophiles but this attitude of vorderman and her technophobe cronies saying ban anything where your children may meet people that aren't their parents, this isn't a fucking solution!


  1. Absoluteley. Nothing replaces good communication & trust in parenting,even I know that already ffs and my oldest is 4! :) Being a yoda to yourkids is far better than being a kommandant. And getting a good firewallof course ;)

    Nice post - three little ducks ;)

  2. On reflection... Actually 7,000 sickos that subscribed to some paedo service thing in this country. That's really not good is it. I had no idea there was so many of the fuckers :-(

  3. What they always seem to forget, is that you have to be a complete fucking moron to let your kids sit alone and unsupervised on the computer chatting to people. I mean what the fuck? Would you leave them in a pub talking to strangers? No. Thick shite people is always the problem!

  4. 'Not once did this scarmongering technophobe tart actually suggest it might be a good idea to teach kids about the threats.'

    How do you explain to an eleven year old boy who doesn't even understand what sex is, that he should expect emails in his inbox advertising 'cock smoking grannies' complete with unedited pictures?

    And children, no matter how many times you explain it to them will not remember that someone might not be who they claim to be. They need the most cursory evidence 'I'm Tammy, I'm 12 and I like the powerpuff girls!' from the third party to believe they are who they claim.

    I'm freedom loving all the way, but the SMTP/email system needs fixing, and the lack of 100% guaranteed online IDENTITIES are IMO the biggest thing holding the net back.

  5. Oh I agree with what you're saying. In fact some time ago I said that actually what we need is a proprietary mail system which is run by a company or organisation. A system which means that not only you get authentic mails but you also some form of delivery receipt.

    There's a hell of a lot wrong with e-mail to the point where it's broken really. I had this argument with the linux bores at Codeplay. Of course they reckoned that some open standard was going to drop from the sky...