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Friday 8 November 2002

palladium good or bad ? [spiro]

Some of the researchers here are thinking of making a documentary on Microsofts Palladium. What do you lot think about it and anyone got any good info/stories about it etc. The show hasn't been commissioned yet, just testing the water.


  1. I wasn't aware that Microsoft had managed to place ownership on a metalic element. Why did they they start with element 46? Maybe it's just a good place to start before they work their way down to the nobel gasses and shortly after that, I'm sure they'll covet Oxygen and charge us a yearly license fee for breathing.

  2. There have been at least a dozen stories on Slashdot on Palladium in the last year. For a geek (read : informed, sceptical) perspective, search them out, and read all the articles at +4 or +5 moderation - there are some absolute NUGGETS in there about how bad palladium could be.

    It will only take a researcher half a day, or a day, and you'll get some viewpoints coupled with logic and facts that you might not find easily elsewhere.