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Friday 22 November 2002

Proper beer = bad knees :( [shedir]

Well after painfull weeks of testing I guess I have mild gout :(
When I indulge in my favourite tin (McEwans Export) next day my knees just fucking ACHE. I've moved to lager in the last week and bosh, no sore head, joints like a rastafarian Whisky was added to this complex medical trial, with beer it didn't alleviate the symptoms. Tonights the charm though. If with Stella Artois and Stewarts I can walk tomorrow, then my liquid future is saved. I'm sure you'll all join me in prayer on this one.


  1. Pete, I think it's a bit of a stretch to go describing McEwans as proper beer :)

  2. Well at least it's beer coloured. Fair enough it's not old jock or speckled hen or anything like that. But I quite like it, up until it hated me that is. Seems I've got to live with faggoty lagers now :( Pretty gutted. Used to do regular "real ale nights" at Tennents in Byres road. 20+ real ales on pumps. Wee jug for the bus home. First barman to put a fucking lemon slice in my new tipple wears the bottle tho :)

  3. Ahhh ma poor wee tipple-crippled haggis. You want to watch out for someother stuff as well. Wine in general, although that might not besufficiently 'ard in the land o'jock so mebbe not in question. Alsoparticularly all shellfish, peanuts, lentils and other pulses. All arehigh in purines which cause the uraeic (sp?) acid build up which causesthe crystals to form in your joints which then swell in an attack.There's not much you can do apart from try to balance these things anddrink lots of water to aid the acid clearout. And avoid beer 'n' prawnblowouts :) . And the terrible news? It's mostly the alcohol thatdoes it - your switch to Uri Geller is only solving a small part of theproblem - you'll still be building up the acid levels. Best thing is toback off for a couple of weeks and let the acid clear through.

  4. I got a family history of gout so I have the phear. It's not hit me yet but then again I'm not as old and creaky as Shedir is.