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Friday 15 November 2002

Jamie Oliver and the Rejects [lurks]

Kicking back watching some tele and this show comes on Channel 4. It's a fly-on- the-wall type documentary about Jamie Oliver's new restaurant. Now I caught a tad of PR from this prior and I thought it was just going to be the ups and downs of setting up a restaurant. Interesting but little more.

I didn't realise what he's actually doing is setting up a non-profit restaurant which will train up drop-out dole-scum type people into being chefs. Well, that's quite impressive really. Given the guy has basically put his fortune on the line to back this venture, I've got renewed respect for the bloke. Being as this is the same bloke which has had the piss taken out of him more than anyone else on television.

What gets me though were the losers that he interviewed. Jesus fucking Christ, it was painful just to look at some of these people. They were so unbelievably badly kept, not to mention ugly. That's just getting started, these lamers were absolutely useless in a simple taste test type kitchen interview. No enthusiams, zero communication skills etc.

That's when it hit me how much he really is putting on the line just to give these ugly, talentless ungreatful cretins a chance at a career in the catering industry. I don't really reckon he knows what he's biting off here, he's just in love with the idea of it. Well I guess all power to him. It's quite clever to basically pay for giving these people and his venture a chance off the back of the inevitable public attention the whole thing will get.

I think it'll put some years on the lisping cockney by the end of it.


  1. There was an article in the standard a few weeks ago, from the sounds of it if they don't sort out some planning issues with the local authority then he will lose his house because of the deal.

  2. Show was on again last night, charting the progress of the 'students' through a cookery crash-course at college. This prompted me to look at his webby and it turns out that Fifteen opens on Monday to the public.

    Jesus I tell you what though, given these guys are supposed to be screen from thousands - just what kind of fucking losers are out-of-work teenagers in this country?! Three of them just don't bother turning up at all.

    There ought to be some drop out trainee program which has governmental authority to slap the fuck out useless scumbags like these. I'd say chuck them in the army instead but I'm not sure I'd want the country defended by those pimply morons.

  3. Its very scary, if you'd met some of the kids i've been introduced torecently. We get loads in for work experience and I can honestly say that Iwas better educated in primary school. As for what Jamie is doing I thinkhe's insane, putting so much on the line for people who don't even careabout themselves let alone him and his money. I'm all for throwing them inthe Army or Navy. I know what you're saying about having them defending thecountry but I honestly think that 8 months basic and then a year or two ina war zone as peace keeper or fighting will sort them out. Either learn andlive or screw around and die.

    I want to see Jamie make a go of this, but I still think he's mad.

  4. Indeed. You've got to wonder, was he just so hopelessly naive or is the whole thing a bit of a PR stunt so he didn't give it that much thought?

    In my opinion he should have just grabbed the kids that were actually interested and not even bothered with the rest. Short of numbers then maybe but I'm sure he could get the rest from regular job seekers rather than teen trailer trash.

    Fucking unreal those girls that don't show up. I mean it's quite clear he's putting himself out. They've got no life, no prospects and they're handed an opportunity for a career and a life on a plate. And they don't show up. Unbelievable.

    Tell you what though, next year I reckon he's gonna say 'Right, turn up X times out of Y days or your out'. I pity the chef tutors, clearly used to proper college students and not these fuckers. It must be putting them right out as well. Fuck me, did you want to smack that Dwane cockhead out or what?

  5. I have several young people who are normally on 'unemployment' who haveworked testing CM4 with us. Some classics, people 'holding out for theright job' - no training (bar school) and no experience bar 2 weeks hereand there. A few of them had no cop on, you have to tell themsomething and then stand over them to make sure they don't fuck it up,as if you don't they do fuck it up. Remember I'm testing a footballgame here, not building the space shuttle. They may know fuck all aboutanything but they are sure someone is going to hire them as a webdesigner/sys admin and they will learn on the job. Apart from all that,as per usual I blame the education system here. I'm amazed that someonecan leave school over here with basically no knowledge of the world ortheir target area which they have studied. Someone else who tested withme is at either oxford or Cambridge doing something along the lines of'English', and he did English, Psychology and fucking PE for A levels. Idid English, Irish, Maths, French, Geography, Business Organisation,Accounting and Classical Studies. I'm quite far frombeing a genius and got far from A's . It seemsover here there are A's all over the place. Which system producespeople with more 'life skills' and more of a sense of reality. 3 randomsubjects or 7 I think Irelands does. But then again I would say that.