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Tuesday 26 November 2002

Rallib0rk Challenge [am]

Sigh I dunno you buy a new game, stick in the 3 cd's in turn (sigh and sigh again, what's the point of a dvd if no-one will do the decent thing and release on it), load up the game and arrive at a driver warning screen.

Now I've been caught out before on this. GTA3 refuses to load on my system if I use the most up to date Detonators despite their certification and I've also had, as a secondary problem, some serious issues with my Platinum soundcard and random bursts of noise in 1942. So I ignored it.

Rallisport loads and it has a bit of a movie thang going on for a minute then we're bosh into the first race. Hrm. Number 1 my car is just a black, un-skinned, hulk. Argh. Number 2 - I am back in static noise problems with the Soundblaster - just white noise bursts all over it. Wtf is going on people??


  1. Hi G-Man, bought and installed GTA3 (PC) today and it's just fine on my Ti200. Using Detonator 40.71 and an SBLive driver install that is 25,305k.

    How about you use Detonator Destroyer and try again?

  2. Detonator Destroyer hrm. Well the thing is I keep on dropping todesktop on heavy activity which Lotta seemed to reckon might be a memoryissue. I'm using 512megs of Cas-2 crucial SDRAM - I'd be surprised ifthat's not ok. Beej ol' bean (or anyone else with a Iwill KK266R) couldyou let me know your memory related mobo settings? I'm on normal speednow with 3 round looping (or whatever that thing was). Has anyone elseever had this kind of drop out?

  3. I've got a stick of 512MB running at CAS2. I was mistakenly running at CAS2.5 for a while, causing lockups after short periods of high activity. Basically, I did a BIOS reset and then configured the nice stuff using a hardcore guide to BIOS settings found on Google.

  4. Hrm interestin - but how did you know that you were running it at 2.5?If you look in the bios under the settings (which now says Normal 6-3-3or something) the next one is cycles or something similar (that's at3). Is there something else I should be doing. I reset the bios tooptimized defaults. Maybe I just go back to defaults. But I'd still beinterested in that explanation there beej....Well slap ma thigh and call me Dick Turpin I solved it. I detonatordestroyerered, I installed, b0rked and reinstalled alternately Elsa 920Gladiac drivers and then back to the 40.47s, wrestling, as I went, withtrying to uninstall other drivers and stabbing madly at the DetonatorDestroyer before XP auto-reinstalled the Geforce 3. Very irritating.

    I tried it all. And it did not work. I reset my mobo. And it did notworkmuch better. The sun came up. The sun went down. A dustball rolledby.

    And in the end you know what it was? My machine just can't handlehaving adifferent in game / desktop resolution. That's it, just that.AHAHAHHAHHAH. No let's make that AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. All ofthatfor that. Sigh.

    Rallisport by the way is absolutely fantastic - if you haven't tried it,youneed to. For those of you with real beasts of machines (not that thisneedsit even to look lush) I recommend turning on 3d trees. Getting spookilyrealistic in there with that on. A tip top game - haven't got suckedintoplaying past midnight by a new game for ages. Rallisport gives ColinMacraea good kicking and throws him off a bridge (narrows, caution,exposure)....

  5. That's a little unfair. Rallisport is indeed a fantastic game, but it's not a patch on cmr3 in terms of realism. Rallisports an arcade racer, colin is more of a simmy type thing. Rallisport even has you racing with three other cars around a track, utterly different cuppa tea. Get em both, I did :-)

  6. Realism is much over-rated as I said only the other day to GiseleBundchen as she brought me breakfast

  7. CAS settings are minimum timings. It's not going to be unstable running CAS 2 memory at 2.5 any more than a CPU would be unstable running a 1GHz rated CPU at 850MHz.