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Thursday 11 September 2003

Blane hur hur hur [slim]


  1. Too much time on your hands there Slim :) - oh, by the way, David Blaine is a complete and utter wanker; what EXACTLY is the point of all of this?

  2. £5mil in TV rights I imagine.

  3. Jeez, the public reaction to this makes me mad. 87% percent in a BBC poll said it filled them with 'derision'. Why?? Its a stunt for goodness sake. A trick. An illusion. A death defying feat of the type that would have had audience's jaws agape in better times. But now all people can do is line up to lambast the fella. Where's our sense of wonder? Are we so up our arses and cynical that we can't appreciate a bit of fairground bunkum anymore?
    Is there truely no place in society for entertainers anymore?

  4. Look at him! He's not entertaining! He's fucking shite! If he wants to do stuff like this, he at least needs to make it look good. I mean fuck, even his quilt is fucking boring, let along his clobber. He needs a tight red spandex suit, with a yellow lightening bolt at the very least. He needs to be in a proper cage, with bars and shit, and he needs a pool of fucking hungry crocs sloshing around below him. He hasn't even got a foxy fucking assistant, no wonder he's getting pies thrown at him. Boring fucking twat.

  5. Not for fucking shite ones like him, no.
    I'm sorry, what exactly is 'entertaining' about some rich twat sitting in a box for 44 days without eating? I'm right there in the 87 per cent who are filled with derision, I have to say.
    Although I do think Beej's idea of hiring a crane so we can have a four course meal next to him is great :)

  6. I think that no one is really concerned with this whole pushing the human limits concept shit because he's an illusionist. How do you know he's pushing the limits, he's probably faking since that's what he does for a living. But yes, in the end he's making a big song and dance about something which is fucking boring. 'Look at me!' but there's nothing to look at.