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Thursday 18 September 2003

Spirited away hits the flicks [slim]

Spirited Away hits teh cinema's in London next week, dates and shit can be grabbed from the veeery swish UK release web site. Now, I live on a rock orbiting Ireland, so I can't make it, but if you live in the area, please go and see it. Please tell your friends to go and see it, and if they enjoy it, tell em to get their freinds to go too.
This is a thought provoking, emotional, beuitiful film that's taken forever to arrive here. We need more like this on our cinema screens, and the way to get it is by supporting them when they're on.
Do it for me. Ta.


  1. The point being animations automatically aren't good? Did you watch the Animatrix? How about Tron?

  2. No, it was a statement of fact. 'It's a cartoon'. Nice to see you so defensive though :)

  3. Or you could just download a DivX. It's pretty good but I wouldn't got spackah over it.

  4. We went to dem pix to see it on Tuesday night. It really was worth it, I've got the DVD and a big screen TV but it's still much better on a biiiiiig screen.
    What did strike me though was that there seemed to be more in the theatrical release than is on my DVD. I need to get it back and have a gander. (Not at the same time, mind)