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Monday 22 September 2003

Exploiting eBay tards [lurks]

Hard drives fail, right? They just do. This blog isn't about that though, it's about my fear of it. I had my mp3 collection on a big external 160GB Maxtor drive. It's 6 months old and it's been on the entire time. Only recently did I back it up to an DVD-Rs, it was backed up on another drive. So when I backed it up to DVD-Rs, that freed up 90 welcome gigs of HD space!
Thing is, it's a Maxtor and I've seen a good deal of them fail. I just don't really trust it but I can live with it backed up. Thing is, the Pundit system i spoke about earlier only has firewire ports on the front which means the front panel has to be open. If I could close it, the whole thing would be sexeh as hell. Also, it wont mount the firewire drive on a reboot. I have to physically unplug and replug it and then restart the services which wouldn't start because the drive is missing.
I've digressed, haven't I? Well fuck ya, not like you're writing the blog eh! Anyway, I spied a lovely cheap USB 2.0 external HD enclosure on Ebay for £30 odd quid and snapped it up. No one else was bidding on it and I couldn't see inexpensive units like it selling in the retail channel so that was a bit of a find. Then I bought some lovely Barracuda 7200.7+ drives for myself, Muz and Am and slapped one of those drives in the enclosure. Copied all the stuff across and whammo, very happy. Sexier looking enclosure, quieter drive which I trust more, it's faster and it mounts on boot.
So I slap the old Maxtor on eBay. It's fetching £122 as I write with over three days left. That's paid for the brand new £115 drive and it's already a fiver into paying for the USB 2.0 enclosure. I fully expect that it'll fetch enough to pay for my upgrade in it's entirety with a little bit left over besides.
This, my friends, is a classic example of how you can get naive bastards on eBay to pay for your upgrades. In the nicest possible way, of course. :)


  1. The Maxtor went for £165...

  2. That really is mad... you can get a new one for £190 from Dabs...

  3. Indeed, so I traded up to a Seagate drive and a sexy metal USB 2.0 enclosure and made money in the bargain. Ebay rocks :)

  4. On top of the recent blog on deskstars dying off, this is a belter.
    £30+ in ebay for

  5. Don't you feel the slightest bit guilty selling a deskstar to some ebay peon?!

  6. Why should he? After all, he's not forcing anyone to buy it?So, does anyone know if it is possible for a foreigner to list stuff on We only got qxl here in Norway, and that sucks donkey dick to be honest.And yes, I am too lazy to check out eBay's site for info just now :)