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Tuesday 16 September 2003

Why are Americans so stupid? [spiny]

More 'Game Inspired' killings, pah.
'But the law is that if you make a product that is linked in a chain of events, and but for that link the final tragedy would not have occurred, you are liable. You don't have to have little angels turned into killers.'
But they won't stop kids carrying hand guns before they can drink, eh?


  1. Pretty sure it's enshrined in their constitution. A constitutional right to be stupid, if you like.

  2. I live in hope that they will nuke themselves :-)

  3. That quote is bollocks, it's a prosecuting lawyer grasping at straws and the law is considerably different to that interpretation.
    Yes, Americans are stupid on the whole, but that comment is simply untrue.

  4. I am sad to admit that most of my fellow Amaericans are stupid. I fear we have just re-elected Bush, on of the dumbest presidents ever, because our extremist religious and unintelligent populace identifies with him more than Kerry. (Don't get me wrong, Kerry is not perfect, but he is a damn sight better than Bush.)Sigh....Four more years of hell. And even if a smart president is ever elected, I will still be surrounded by Bible-thumping morons.

  5. See? Even I am too stupid to clean up my typos before posting! And I am one of the SMART ones! God help the world....

  6. I think we're still in shock which is why there hasn't been a blog specifically on the subject yet. What the whole episode proves is that there are 40-odd percent of Americans which have some sort of higher cognitive function. The problem is they're outnumbered. Must be awful.
    America wants a movie hero for a president, someone who just sounds like they know what they're talking about and is making the Right Decisions for them without any hint of human weakness. It seems the idea of being thoughtful or taking a considered view and, God help us, actually changing your mind as circumstances change well... that's not what's needed to deal with the Terrorist Threat.
    There's no cause and effect being communicated to the American people. There's no proper media in the US, or rather there is a little bit but it's still not actually watched by anyone when there's the Greatest Car Chases Ever and the Opera Winfrey show on and 112 varients there-of convieniently cut up into one minute bursts in between the SUV adverts.
    I despair. We all despair. We all know smart and informed Americans but now it's like an exclusive minority club. It's geek club. It's not cool to be smart, it's not American. Better you get God and an oral bleach treatment instead.
    What are the smart Americans to do? Well, they could all move to Canada...

  7. The American people seem to have behaved in a manner contrary to common sense and good judgement. The fact that Bush has demonstrably lied to his people (WMD), ignored intelligence leading to a major terrorist attack (11/9), contravened all civilised rules regarding treatment of POWs (Abu Graib, Guantanamo), removed countless freedoms from his own people (patriot act) and decimated his own economy (not to mention having a knock on effect on the rest of the world), all count for little in the eyes of 50+% of the American voting public.
    No, it's far more important for these docile, thick-necked, moronic, inbred, cretinous fuckwits that George is a Man Of God. It seems that religious and moral issues played a major part in Bush's re-election - specifically his desire to outlaw abortion, outlaw gay marriage, and outlaw stem cell research.
    To underline the monsterous intellect deficit in the world's only superpower, the BBC interviewed some average voters in Ohio this morning. One particularly offensive individual had this to say on the subject:
    "Religious people simply think better than people without religion... A lot of the wrongs in the world today have been committed by atheists."
    I'd challenge this retarded neanderthal to name one atrocity committed in the name of atheism. Actually, I'd challenge him to tie his own fucking shoelaces and probably find him incapable.
    Is there any wonder this nation of sub-normals doesn't believe in evolution. How can evolution possibly exist when these people haven't been erased from the genepool?
    God Bless America - you fucking twats.

  8. I've also been reading some of the comments on the BBC from various Americans frequenting there (because they have no proper media of their own). I started to notice a theme on the folks that were coming out in favor of Bush. You saw things like "Strong and decisive leader" mentioned a lot.
    In other words, it doesn't matter that the President is wrong, just that he's strong and decisive about it. That's the flaw with democracy really. It actually assumes that the people voting have enough smarts to work out what's best for themselves.
    That's why religious autocracies of the past haven't run around holding elections. If you're brain dead enough to be some fundamentalist Christian fucktard, what's the point in giving you the vote? That's the deepest irony of all. The US actually wants a King, not a President.

  9. All so sadly true...
    One bright note to all this is that the American progressives, notoriously slow to organize and also a bit lazy and docile, are finally waking up to the fact that there is a holy war in America. Only through massive grassroots voting blocks can we hope to dislodge the sick-minded morons that are holding my nation hostage.
    Kerry got more votes than any American president ever (except, Bush, who sadly squeezed out a few more). The progressives made huge gains, but sadly, so did Bush. It seems though, that the right-wingers have almost hit maximum speed. They dragged every church-going hick, Nascar Dad, Security Mom, and just plain fuck-wit they could to the polls. They can't get much better numbers next time. All the churches spent 6 months prepping for the election by bashing gays and mobilizing their minions. Where will any more morons come from? (Except, of course, their offspring, but it takes longer than 2 years to breed up a new batch of idiots.)
    Progressives, on the other hand, have tens of millions of potential voters that still didn't show up to vote this time. Their lack of attendance should tell you what I think of them, but I believe we can mine their votes anyway by building huge networks to mobilize them. It works for Karl Rove, why not us? I'll be spending the next several years helping with groups like to get Community Leaders in every precinct who will nag these dipshits to death until we get them out to overthrow the Rove dictatorship.
    It's sad that the "grand experiment" of democracy has evolved into a massive game of Survivor (CBS gameshow), but if that's the way it has to be - if we have to vote in allaiances instead of voting our hearts - then so be it. I hereby declare holy-fucking-war on the Rove nation and their minions. God help them.

  10. You know, your post was much needed here for those of us losing faith in the entire American nation. Best of luck, let's hope ultimately common sense prevails and that in the future children will be reading about these dark times in the history books with a sense of disbelief...

  11. Strong and decisive my arse. Osama said it best when he said in the video released last week....
    "It never occurred to us that the Commander-in-Chief of the country would leave 50,000 citizens in the two towers to face those horrors alone because he thought listening to a child discussing her goats was more important."

  12. Oh course the irony of the situation is that statement can equally apply to Gun's. The people wouldn't have died had the handgun manufacturer not been making guns.

  13. It is unfortunate that the average American is rather stupid. What is scarier than that though, is that half of them are even stupider


  14. Jesus is every bit as real as the Easter Bunny. Oh Lord deliver us from evil -- yeah right.