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Monday 22 September 2003

Dredd vs Death [lurks]

How can it have gone so terribly terribly wrong? At first glance, we're talking Rebellion who did the magnificent AvP and we're talking 2000AD. So they've got the coding skillz and the IP and the art talent and, you would have thought, the passion for the subject matter to make a good game. Well, yesterday I fired up the demo. Jesus wept, it's awful. I mean it's really really bad.
It's basically a bog standard FPS only throw in braindead AI, very samey graphics which haven't moved on from AvP, terrible level design and not a lot of fun. Terrible level design is one thing but they're taking the piss on this demo. Megacity One, right? The shipping yard. So stuff getting across the whole Megacity One atmosphere, let's just chuck some shipping containers in instead. Yes, shipping containers. Oh and the game features the worst and most blatant product placement in a computer game just yet. Every second box has Redbull on it.
This is a crushing disappointment. It has completely destroyed Rebellions reputation for me. What the hell were they thinking? This sort of tripe makes me wish someone like EA would have bought 2000AD, at least they'd have farmed it out to a half way competent dev studio. The only saving grace is we're not short of good games at this time of year with Homeworld 2 and Half-Life 2 due imminently. However when I think of the mind-time I've given Dredd vs Death, thinking about how great it could have been, it makes me really quite angry at the piss poor state of British development at the moment.


  1. It is tribe innit? There's a small shred of hope that the timesplitteresque arcade mode could be quite fun. To be honest though, it'd have to be fucking good to make up for the turdy single player shit.

  2. I suppose you could hope that the demo isn't indicative but really I've been ignoring a few other grumblings and some rumours which are sourced from within rebellion that have all pointed to it sucking ass. Oh well, I've got Homeworld 2 now so I'm not that bothered.I lie. I am that bothered. I'm just pretending not to be.