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Wednesday 3 September 2003

Holiday Readage [spiny]

Read these three on me hols & can thooughly recommend them:
D-Day : Most of you have probably read this. Exhaustive account of the intelligence, logistics & bravery of 6 Jun 1944. Stephen Ambrose, author of Band Of Brothers.
Pegasus Bridge : Focuses on the british airborne raid to capture a key pair of bridges that opened the fighting on D-Day. More detailed & personal account than D-Day, given it's specific focus. Much shorter too. I guess a good intro if you're not sure you'll like Ambrose's books.
First Light : Absolutely stunning memoirs from Geoffrey Wellum, a WWII spitfire pilot. Exceptionally well written account of combat, bravery, humor, personal loss & pride in the service of his country. An humbling, riveting, entertaining read. You will not be dissapointed if you read this book.


  1. I'm noticing a theme here.... are you my dad?

  2. No, but I did travel back in time to shag yo mom ;)