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Tuesday 9 September 2003

Do you ever get bored at conferences? [houmous]

I do. I've been to a million conferences and seminars and most of them are crap for at least most of the time.
Some years ago I started realising how much of my life I was wasting in seminars working out ways to kill myself while some ill prepared person was rambling on at the front about something I had long since lost interest in, so I started to get up and leave at this point, often to do something constructive like go home and play EQ :)
Lately, however I have been trying a different tactic, as evidenced here at my firms Dublin tax partners conference a few weeks ago. It had been a long day in a windowless room and I was still nursing a monumental hangover...all of a sudden it became crystal clear what I had to do.... (warning:19mg file)
p.s the first few secs is just me being given a pint of guiness for my birthday :)


  1. If I'm utterly bored and stuck in a room with some people I generally just fantasise about shagging the ones in skirts and blouses, and not actually killing people. Am I sick? Do I need help?
    EQ sucks piss by the way, sort your life out Hou.

  2. Whats wrong with the ones in dresses?Slim - you will receive all the help you need by playing EQ excessively....

  3. Sounds good to me Slim, hurry up and write that virtual movie-maker program :) Hou, EQ does indeed suck mighty cock, get over it.