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Monday 8 September 2003

The Secrets Out [spiro]

I've just bought Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons expansion pack, Cost £20 same as RTR but unlike RTR you get a little more for your money.
Included in the pack are:
16 new Vehicles, Including a personal rocket pack (haven't used it yet). 8 maps including night time missions. 7 Weapons, you get throwing knives now.
And adding the British Commando and German Elite units.
I haven't played much so far, but the maps I've played have been balanced and a lot of fun. The jet aircraft are sensitive to fly and the Wasserfall guided rocket is almost impossible to stear on your first go. I'm looking forward to playing more. Anyone else got it and have any comments ?
Couple screen shots for you.
Fighter Escort.
Moon at Night.
Defending a Bridge.


  1. Got mine on pre order from Play so should get it before Wednesday. Meanwhile I've been knocking the bosh out of the sky in IL-2 FB:)

  2. sweet, I ordered mine from Play also so I should have it by friday. Difficult-to-fly-but-uber planes are just my style. :)

  3. The sweetest thing with the new jets is that they only have guns, no rockets. So you have to strafe the ground, makes killing ground targets a lot of fun.