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Monday 8 September 2003

ED.COM gets RSS [lurks]

Well, I've put this RSS stuff into Rebot and hence Apparently it means we can syndicate the titles of our blogs out there. Apparently there is a point to this, or so Slim tells me.


  1. It's leet! It's a standard for presenting headines basically, so you can use an interface to aggregate your fave sites rather than having to trawl around em. It also means we can add the rss page to aggregators and hopefully get some more coverage.Our RSS file is here hopefully beej will dismount his mini's chrome gear knob for long enough to add a link.Grab yourself a rss browser like newsmonster or the ace mozilla firbird rss blug in and speed up yer surfin!Some elite rss - The ultimate list of RSS feeds, and they're even rated and weighted by the community. - Site you dig not got an RSS feed? This site makes rss feeds out of - Another aggrigator, but this one holds some rss's that aren't available on the source - Stand alone RSS - Mozilla firebird RSS Panel (this is brill)I'll also post my list of my fave rss feeds, because I'm nice like | | | got any good rss links to share? I've got two more Slashdots Developers section | And Games section


  3. Shut yer face you whining little bitch ;)

  4. Try it folks, honest. If you don't run moz/firebird, try a standalone reader like feedreader. Nice and fast little app. Bung a couple of the above links in and browse away!Oh Teh Suit just noticed Blues News has an