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Wednesday 24 September 2003

We are Anal - part 1 [houmous]

You arrive in ze vonderful UK on ze Shuttle -rrr.. manifick...le Great Britain le Waterloo station! just like I imagine et..vunderbar!
Hang on ma chere I need to go for a jimmy...wandering down the stairs to the homme pissere you encounter a turnstile which does not work - pourquoi? Vhat? I have to insert 20p to have a jimmy? Mon dieu! This is outrageous! Your country stinks! I return immediately to my home country where we can (and do) piss anywhere gratious!
Ok leaving our EU brethen to one side (but seriously I am embarrassed to be British on this ) wtf is having to pay 20p to piss at Waterloo station all about especially when
1) I never have a 20p piece when I want to piss and
2) the change machine never works
but its more than that its just so stupid - if we get our act together we can obviously just piss on the train anyway - it just somehow strikes at the very core of inconvenience! Its my god given right to piss and poo - whats next a small charge for air? (yes I know its to stop HIV ridden heroin addicts trying to kiss you at the urinals, but other countries manage to deal with this without resorting to 20p entry )
The catalyst for this blog is new signs which have now appeared at Waterloo asking you not to use train toilets in the station because it comes out on the track - errr well get 21st century toilets then please!
I feel better now :)


  1. Don't know which european countries you've been to but most of the ones I've been to you have to pay. Amsterdam being a good example, not only do you have to pay for the public toilets you also have to pay for the toilets in the pubs, restaurants etc.

  2. I kinda of agree with ya, but believe that they do these things to deter vandals. I mean if you wont pay 20p to take a slash, its unlikely a vandal will. If by paying 20p I can walk into a public toilet that has 1)bog roll 2)paper towels or hand dryer that works 3)hasnt got shit up the walls, piss on the floor then its a good thing i reckon!

  3. Actually I seem to recall Lurks managing to pay 20 euro for the privelige of taking a dump in a bar in Amsterdam, on the grounds of not quite understanding the funny money...

  4. I remember that, he gave 20 euros instead of 20 cents.

  5. On the grounds I really needed a dump and I wanted the fucker standing in front of me with a euro-ruble begging bowl. I'm with Floyd on this though. How many bus and train stations in the UK are closed because of vandals. Charge, no vandals (because they end up being attended I guess), they end up being open when you need one.
    Although I'm with Houm thinking that big ass stations in London, especially International terminals, should be free. If they're trying to convince you to take the train rather than the plane, then they should compete with airport standards. And you sure as fuck don't pay in airports.